LAWRENCE HUGH MATHEWS was born in Lebanon, Pennsylvania on November 16, 1892. He was one of at least 10 children born to Peter and Annie Mathews. He married Emma Boltz in 1909. Their first child, daughter Dorothy, was born in March of 1910. The April 1910 Census shows Lawrence Mathews and family living with His wife's brother, Walter Boltz, in South Lebanon Township, Pennsylvania.

Lawrence Mathews was living with his wife and children in Norristown, Pennsylvania when he registered for the draft in June of 1917. Lawrence Mathews was then working as a laborer.

The 1920 Census shows that Lawrence Mathews and his family had moved to Camden. He, wife Emma and daughters Dorothy and Margaret were living at 1471 Pershing Street, the home of Emma's cousin, Raymond Eck. Lawrence Mathews was then working as a streetcar conductor. Two more daughters, Emma and Dolores, were born to the family in the 1920s.

The 1924 City Directory shows that he had been appointed to the Camden Fire Department. The family was then living at 1347 Whitman Avenue and were still at that address when the 1927 City Directory was being compiled. By 1929 they had moved to 1463 Pershing Street. Lawrence Mathews was still at that address as late as the fall of 1959.

The 1940 City Directory does not show Lawrence Mathews working for the Camden Fire Department. He was unemployed when he registered for the draft in the spring of 1942. He was still a Camden resident when he passed away on September 15, 1967.

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Trenton Evening Times - March 24, 1924

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