KENNETH MARK CLARK was born in Camden, New Jersey on November 30, 1932 to McKinley and Kathryn Clark. The family, which included older siblings Lillian, Lawrence, and Edna was living at 1051 North Collings Road in Fairview in the late 1920s and early 1930s but by 1947 had moved to East Camden, taking up residence at 221 Eutaw Avenue. Another daughter, Florence, also was born to the Clarks during the 1930s. McKinley Clark work as a linesman for the Pennsylvania Railroad. 

Ken Clark left school after the 10th grade and went into the United States Army during the Korean War. He returned to Camden following his discharge.

The Clarks were still on Eutaw Avenue in the fall of 1956. Ken Clark, however, was living at 344 Dudley Street, in the Westfield Acres housing project. He was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on December 30, 1955. By October of 1959 Ken Clark had moved to 864 Beideman Avenue in Cramer Hill. He moved to 111 North 26th Street during the 1960s.

Ken Clark was promoted to Captain on July 12, 1968. On July 1, 1981 Ken Clark retired from the Camden Fire 

Department. He moved to St. Petersburg, Florida the following year.

Ken Clark passed away in June 26, 2005 at his St. Petersburg home, survived by his wife, three children, sister Florence Anderson of Westmont, New Jersey and a host of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Camden Courier-Post - December 30, 1955

Edward T. Irwin - North 24th Street - William J. Hopkins - Grant Street - Robert R. Rowan - Erie Street
Alchester Warren -
Walnut Street - John L. Sterner - Lincoln Avenue
Leon C. Puszczykowski - Congress Road - Joseph A. Verderosa - Thurman Street
William J. O'Connor -
Dudley Street - Westfield Acres - Kenneth Clark - Carl R. Szalkowski
Alfred Nigro - South 5th Street - Francis Stibi - Bailey Street - James H. Troutman - High Street

"SPARKY" and "SMOKEY" giving candy to school children
Left on Ladder is Sparky - Chief
George Baxter
Below on Ground is Smokey - Inspector
Kenneth Clark

at the
H.C. Sharp Elementary School
Sparky - Chief
George Baxter
Smokey - Inspector
Kenneth Clark

at the
H.C. Sharp Elementary School
Sparky - Chief
George Baxter * Smokey - Inspector Kenneth Clark

Camden Courier-Post * May 24, 1966

Kenneth Clark - Edward V. Michalak - Leon Puszczykowski - Joseph J. McComb

Camden Courier-Post * June 28, 1968


Kenneth Clark
Joseph R. Gfrorer
George D. Getty
John Dimaggio
Joseph J. Anderson
Philip A. Maycott
James McMaster
William D. Hillman
Joseph Arensberg
Robert E. Briggs
John S. Brzozowski
Edmund F. Gorczynski
Anthony F. Orme
William B. Young
William D. Ayers
Joseph Dowhy Sr.
James O. Jones
Joseph Chelhowski
James T. Robinson
Anthony D. Moffa
Robert E. Davenport
John F. Gaffney Jr.
Albert E. Collum Jr.

Robert D. Craig - Edwin Hoffman - Flem Hopkins Jr. - Joseph Fox - Charles W. Cahilly - Edward Bush
John F. Oppman - Gary E. Miller - Donald Tymusczuk - Joseph A. Broccoli - Richard W. Merta
Robert G. Gibson - Elwood L. Ridge - Joseph E. Benton - David Vautier Jr. - Frank R. Pedano

Camden Fire Department Personnel Record 

Camden Courier-Post -  June 28, 2005 

Age 72, of St. Petersburg, FL died June 26, 2005 at home. He moved to St. Petersburg in 1982 from his native Camden, NJ, where he retired after 25 years as a firefighter for the Camden City Fire Department. He was an Army veteran of the Korean War. He is survived by his wife of 21 years: Joyce B; a son, William Clark, Inverness, FL; 2 daughters: Deborah Schmitt, Brandon, FL; and Joanne Peters, Millville, NJ; a sister: Florence Anderson, Westmont, NJ; and 7 grandchildren; and several great-grandchildren.
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