JOSIAH SAGE was born in New Jersey, in May of 1862, according to the 1900 Census. His older sister Hannah married Charles Henry Peters in the late 1860s. 

The 1880 Census shows Josiah Sage as single and working as an oil cloth painter. He married around 1882. His wife Rose bore a daughter, Kate, the following year. Both Josiah Sage and brother-in-law Charles Henry Peters were politically active and in March of 1890 Josiah Sage was appointed to  the Camden Police Department. He served until 1899. In November of 1899 he was appointed to the Camden Fire Department, and served until his death in 1931..

The 1900 Census shows the Sage family at 821 Chestnut Street. There were four children at the time, Daughter Kate and sons William, Jesse, and Howard. Another son, Russell Sage, was born in 1901.

Josiah Sage lived at 917 South 8th Street in 1906

The 1910 and 1920 Census shows that Josiah Sage lived at 954 South 9th Street in Camden's Seventh Ward. Wife Rose was alive in 1910, but had passed by January of 1920. Also living at the address were his his sons William, Jesse, Howard, and Russell Sage. By 1920 William had married and had children of his own.

The 1930 Census shows Josiah Sage, then a widower, living at 1312 Rose Street as a boarder. The landlady was a 45 year-old divorcee, Anna Murphy. The census states his occupation as fireman for a utility. Josiah Sage died on May 7, 1931. He was buried at Arlington Cemetery in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

Josiah Sage's son, Russell Sage, worked as a taxi driver in the 1920s and 1930s. He was arrested and questioned in connection with the murder of Joseph Cimino by Polack Joe Deven and in connection with the gangland slaying of Joseph "Mose" Flannery. Russell's brother-in-law, Rollie Waterhouse, was convicted and served time in state prison for armed robbery.

Josiah Sage's brother-in-law, Charles H. Peters, also served with the Camden Fire Department and as a Camden police officer.

Philadelphia Inquirer

March 29, 1890

Charles G. Garrison
Market Street
Jesse Pratt
Josiah Sage
William Brooks
James Clayborn

Camden Post
May 26, 1891

Samuel Dodd
Benjamin Middleton
Samuel Bakley
Samuel Lee
John Painter
Josiah Sage
J. Oscar Weaver
John Anderson


Philadelphia Inquirer

September 11, 1891

Hugh Morgan
Ladies Baseball Club
Camden Club
James M. Cassady
Thomas Jones
Frank O'Neill
Carrie Jones
Ben Thomas
Harry Fish
Caesar Sieber

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 10, 1891

Benjamin Thomas - Josiah Sage

Camden Daily Telegram
March 30, 1894

Samuel Dodd
John Foster
John L. Westcott
Harry Griffin
John R. Jones


William E. Cromley - George Kappel - Harry Curtis - O. Glen Stackhouse - A. Lincoln James
John Pratt -
Samuel Bakley - Benjamin Middleton - William Harvey - J. Oscar Weaver - Harry Mines
William Selby - Albert Myers - Edward Hartman - Caleb Williams - Richard Golden - Ralph Bond
William Schregler - Jacob Woodside - Frank Matlack - Alfred Hayden - John Dall - Josiah Sage
C. Henry Peters - Charles Lederman - William Butts
Alexander Alcorn - Charles Lightenberg - Ferdinand Laird

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 6,1897
Elbridge B. McClong - Alfred L. Sayers - George W. Anderson - William H. Butts - Josiah Sage
Edward S. Hyde - C. Henry Peters - Henry Peters - Howard Ever - Thomas Glenn - James Carter
Henry Cooper - John McDonald - Frank Whitaker 
South 7th Street - Walnut Street - Joint Alley - Pine Street 

Camden Daily Telegram
December 20, 1897

New York Flats - Kaighn Avenue
Rosie Woolford -
John L. Westcott
John Brothers - Josiah Sage
William Butts - Alfred L. Sayers
Mamie Firie - Bertha Bastian
Susie Quinn - Charles Brunner

Here's Camden's Finest, With Whiskers, in 1898

Camden Courier-Post - July 15, 1930

William A. Schregler
William "Rex" Comley
Jules Bosch
John Foster

Samuel Dodd
H. Franklin Pettit
Harry Mines
Edward Hartman
Charles Wilbur
Thomas Brothers
Ralph Bond
John Dall
George Kappell
Josiah Sage
Edward S. Hyde
William Selby
Elbridge B. McClong
Edward Powell
John Sinclair
William Laird
Benjamin Middleton
Alfred L. Sayers
John Anderson
William Butts
John Painter
Frank Matlack
Thomas Hicks
Alfred Hayden
Abe Jackson
Albert Shaw
Edward Steen
Samuel Bakley
Caleb Williams
Elisha A. Gravenor
Thomas Buchanan
Samuel Cox
George Horner
Godfrey Eisenhardt
Harry Curtis
George B. Johnson
John Barnett
Casper Hart
Charles Fitzsimmons
A. Lincoln James
J. Oscar Weaver Sr.
Charles Ridgely
William Fish
George Cooper

Harry Mines, not named above, is in the first row between H. Frank Petttit and Edward Hartman. In the fifth row, at the far right, "John Barnett" was a guess on the part of A. Lincoln James. Another person guessed George Johnson. Both were wrong and it is not known who that policeman is.

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 1, 1898

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Samuel Dodd - Alexander Osborne - Thomas Cunningham - John Lightenberger
Fred W. Triplett - Camillus Appley - John Sailor - Harry Miller - Josiah Sage
Charles Evans - Nelson Hubbs - Thomas Buchanan - Thomas Pooley
Thaddeus P. Varney - Isaac Lovett - George Pfeiffer Jr. - Charles H. Peters

Camden Post
July 1, 1898

Cooper B. Hatch
Thomas Cunningham
Alexander Osborne
Frederick Triplett
John G. Leitenberger
Camillus Appley
Charles Henry Peters
Harry Miller
John Sailor
Nelson Hubbs
Josiah Sage
Thomas Pooley
Thomas Buchanan
Samuel Dodd


Philadelphia Inquirer

July 26, 1898

E.G.C. Bleakly
William Walsh
Joseph C. Lee
Charles H. Geisler
Malachi D. Cornish
Walter W. Kaighn
Samuel Bennett
Charles Crispin
WIlliam H. Capewell
Thomas Kirkley
Levi C. VanHart
E.L. Cobb
Edgar Forrest
Armor Shannon
Frederick B. Taylor
Josiah Sage
Frank E. Nelings
Glibet B. Lewis
D.C. Vannote
John I. Smith
Joseph Murray

Philadelphia Inquirer
October 5, 1899

Henry S. Scovel
John Lighthouse
Abram Jackson
Josiah Sage
John Sinclair
William Selby
Thomas Buchanan
Albert F. Meyers
Calch Brown

Thomas Moore, Fred Triplett, Allen Hubbs, Albert Geaser, Robert Miller, WIlliam Harris,
Harry Hope, Isaac Brown

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Philadelphia Inquirer

November 24, 1899

Cooper B. Hatch - George W. Whyte
William Penn Hook & Ladder Company No. 1
First Baptist Church - Edgar Bolton
John W. Vanhart - W. Scott Franklin
Benjamin Kellum - Charles Robinson
George B. Wade - Albert Jones
George Cox - Edward Weston
Samuel Peoples - Harry B. Middleton
Harry Burrough - Robert W. Colkett
William G. Hillman - James E. Navin
Charles Todd - Daniel Smith
Peter B. Carter - Alfred Hayden
Henry Elliott - Josiah Sage
Samuel Price - William Rose
Charles Sturgis - Daniel Grimes
Harry Wagner - Augustus Kester
William Simpson

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Philadelphia Inquirer - October 4, 1904
William Hill - Josiah Sage - Harry Haines Sr. - Samuel S. Elfreth - Harry Bassert - John M. Carroll
Fries-Breslin Rug Manufacturing Company -
Ferry Avenue - Atlantic Avenue - Webster Street - Broadway - Emerald Street
Engine Company 1 - Ladder Company 1 - Chemical Engine Company 2
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Philadelphia Inquirer - March 19, 1906

George Shields - William Hillman - William Jobes
Josiah Sage - Seth D. Monnell - George Quinn
Martin Carrigan - J.W. Simpson - James Elberson
William Elberson - Charles Worthington
Harry Dease - Isaac Toy -
Harry A. Haines Sr.
Joseph Ernst - Joseph Daley - Samuel S. Elfreth
William SchreglerCharles H. Ellis 

West Street - Mickle Street - Beckett Street
Kaighn Avenue - Line Street - South 8th Street
Mt. Vernon Street - Clinton Street - Cedar Street
North 4th Street - Taylor AvenuePenn Street
Haddon Avenue - Bridge Avenue

Engine Company 1 -  Engine Company 2
Engine Company 4 - Chemical Engine Company

6th Regiment, New Jersey National Guard
Farmers & Merchants Market
Camden Opera House

"Joseph Gail" was actually Joseph Daley




Frank G. Hitchener - William Morgenweck - Sperry & Hutchinson - Camden Bowling Alleys
M.W. Taylor Theatrical Agency - John Sherwood - Louis Certain - Richard Carpenter - Daniel Mehlin
Mrs. Ida Paul - Mrs. Farley - John Campbell - Harry Chase - John WIdden - H.W. Wilson
Gardner Corson - Mrs. Borquin - C.M. Alcott

Gardner Corson was appointed to the Fire Department in November of 1907.

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 20, 1910

Camden Post-Telegram * January 2, 1913

... continued...
... continued...
Charles A. Todd - John W. Kelly Jr. - John H. Lutts - William K. Buzine - James Navin - Richard Marter
 Joseph Sparks - George Boone  - Roy A. Smith  - Edward Simpson - Henry C. Knowles
Samuel S. Elfreth - George P. Cox - Walter W. Browning - George B. Wade - John A. Stockton
Joseph F. Ernst - John A. Dold - Josiah Sage - Daniel Smith - Arthur Wingate - Joseph T. Johnson
Harry Hankins - William Laird - William Elberson - John H. Lennox - Martin Carrigan - Charles Cook
Harry Selby - Herman O. Kreher - Daniel P. McConnell - William Howell Tatem  
Harry C. Anderson - Steward Bakley - Joseph Maxwell
William Robinson - Richard Sauer - John Watson - Albert Glanders - Ladder Company 1
Charles Menke - Edward S. Gahan - Engine Company 7 - Engine Company 2

Camden Post-Telegram * September 26, 1913

... continued...

Howard Sage - Lawnton Dairies - Christian Hess -  Josiah Sage
South 9th Street - Mt. Ephraim Avenue - Pear Street aka Whitman Avenue

Camden Daily Courier
November 24, 1915

Robert Brice
Joseph T. Daley
Daniel Grimes
William W. Patterson
Charles Cook
Peter B. Carter
Joseph Logue
Ephraim T. Hires
Rollo Jones
Harvey Watts
Arthur Wingate
Harry Hankins
Josiah Sage
Abraham Kern
Charles Watkin
Martin Carrigan
John Miller
Frank Sheridan
Engine Company 4


Camden Courier-Post
May 9, 1931

Josiah Sage - Chestnut Street
Rose Street - Engine Company 5

Camden Courier-Post
May 9, 1931