JOSEPH McTAGGART was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his twin brother Francis on September 15, 1919 to James McTaggart and his wife Josephine. The family lived with his grandmother, aunts and uncles at 1710 Broadway when the census was taken in 1920. His father worked at the nearby New York Shipbuilding Corporation shipyards in the early 1920s, until being appointed to the Camden Police Department shortly after the 1924 Camden City Directory was compiled. Joseph McTaggart's uncle, John McTaggart was also a Camden police officer and had also served with the Fire Department for a few years in the 1910s.

James McTaggart and family were living at 1713 Fillmore Street when the 1924 Camden City Directory was compiled. They were still at the Fillmore Street address as late as 1927. The 1929 Camden City Directory shows James McTaggart living at 1236 Browning Street. By 1940 they had moved to 3189 Merriel Avenue in East Camden

Joseph McTaggart enlisted in the United States Army on September 23, 1940 in Camden. Enlistment records indicate that his initial service was in the Signal Corps and that he was to be sent to the Panama Canal Zone.

Joseph McTaggart was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on December 30, 1950 and reported for duty on January 1, 1951. Joseph McTaggart served the City of Camden for over 27 years before retiring on April 1, 1978.

Joseph McTaggart lived at 201 Beideman Avenue in the Westfield Acres  public housing project from the time of his appointment to the Fire Department into the 1960s. By October of 1970 he had moved to 3609 Westfield Avenue.

Joseph McTaggart passed away on July 28, 1983.