JOSEPH ARENSBERG was in Camden, New Jersey on November 22, 1936. His father, Alfred "Jake" Arensberg, was a founding member of the Cramer Hill Boys Club. 

The Arensberg family had moved to Cramer Hill from Philadelphia in the late 1900s, taking up residence at 2737 Arthur Avenue, where they resided into the late 1940s. Alfred "Jake" Arensberg and his wife, the former Florence Marlowe, had moved to 874 Beideman Avenue by 1943, where they remained for many years. The family eventually included three other children, Bonnie, Richard, and Alan. 

Joseph Arensberg joined the Camden Fire Department in January of 1961. The following November, his wife Patricia bore a son, Douglas. The Arensberg family included four other children, Joseph, Diane, Steven, and Patti.

Joseph Arensberg's career with the Camden Fire Department began at Engine Company 11 on North 27th Street in Cramer Hill. In 1968 he was promoted to Captain. He served the City of Camden for 20 more 

years, his career taking him to Engine Company 2 and Engine Company 7 before returning to where it began at Engine Company 11. Captain Arensberg retired after over 27 years service on February 1, 1988. 

Joseph Arensberg and his family moved from Camden to Maple Shade, New Jersey in 1973. Sadly, Douglas Arensberg, who worked for the Camden Fire Department in the Apparatus Shop on Wright Avenue, passed away on January 22, 1996.

A New Class of Probies - January 1961

Recruit Firemen Clarence Hawkins, Joseph Arensberg, Jerise Garten Sr., Richard Brooks, Walter WIlliams, Commissioner Edward Garrity
and Chief of Department
Edward MacDowell

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Camden Courier-Post
December 22, 1961

Joseph Arensberg
Otto Kaiser
Engine Company 11 - Engine Company 9
Engine Company 2 - Engine Company 7
Ladder Company 1 - Ladder Company 3
Harry Wagner
Rescue Company 1
North 32nd Street
North 35th Street
South 35th Street
North 36th Street

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Cartun Hardware - Irving Cartun - Robert D. Halsey - James E. Wright - Coleman Rosenberg
Merle Rosenberg - Calvin Miller - Robin Miller - Wendy Miller - Elyse Miller
Major William Gwynne - Volunteers of America 

Camden Courier-Post * June 28, 1968


Kenneth Clark
Joseph R. Gfrorer
George D. Getty
John Dimaggio
Joseph J. Anderson
Philip A. Maycott
James McMaster
William D. Hillman
Joseph Arensberg
Robert E. Briggs
John S. Brzozowski
Edmund F. Gorczynski
Anthony F. Orme
William B. Young
William D. Ayers
Joseph Dowhy Sr.
James O. Jones
Joseph Chelhowski
James T. Robinson
Anthony D. Moffa
Robert E. Davenport
John F. Gaffney Jr.
Albert E. Collum Jr.

Robert D. Craig - Edwin Hoffman - Flem Hopkins Jr. - Joseph Fox - Charles W. Cahilly - Edward Bush
John F. Oppman - Gary E. Miller - Donald Tymusczuk - Joseph A. Broccoli - Richard W. Merta
Robert G. Gibson - Elwood L. Ridge - Joseph E. Benton - David Vautier Jr. - Frank R. Pedano

 Camden Courier-Post * December 26, 1968


25 Firemen Finish Training

In a move aimed at staffing the Camden Fire Department for a new 42-hour work week. 25 probationary firemen will be graduated from the city fire academy Monday and 10 fire officers will be given promotions Tuesday. 

Heading the list of fire officer promotions will be the selection of Battalion Chief Anthony C. Saponare, 51, of 117 S. 27th Street, Camden, as deputy fire chief. The new deputy chief is a 26-year veteran on the city fire force.

Two fire captains to be promoted to battalion chief are Matthew J. Davies, Jr., 36, of 2819 Carman Street, Camden, and James H. Stewart, 54, of 317 Garden Avenue, Camden.

Seven firemen to be named captains include William D. Hillman, 29, of 11 Crestfair Apartments, Camden; Joseph H. Arensberg, 32, of 1041 N. 32nd Street, Camden; Robert E. Briggs, 48, of 2861 Congress Road, Camden; and John Brzozowski, 28, 371 N. 34th Street, Camden.

Also to be named captains are Edmund F. Gorczynski, 36, of 272 N. 33rd Street, Camden; Anthony T. Orme, 44, 3317 River Road, Camden; and William B. Young, 29, of 1126 N. 33rd Street, Camden.

The new firemen include Richard E. Johnson, Thomas H. Eckel, Ronald C. Crowder, John A. DeLuca, Peter P. Carbone, Robert P. Hand, Robert M. Lapp, Jerome A. Kee, Thomas V. Kane, Charles E. Mayo, James C. Peterson and George S. Szychulski, all of Camden.

Other slated fire school graduates are Ronald Angemi, Robert C. Welch, Robert G. Boyle, Glenn H. Moore, Marvin W. Bendy, Thomas J. DiBiaso, Arthur J. Gibson, Daniel J. Galasso, Samuel Battle Jr., Ronald J. Boyle, Jerome J. Watson, George R. Abbey, 3rd., and William H. Huelas, all of Camden.

The appointments of all 35 men become effective Jan. 1, 1969.