JESSE W. PRATT served as the Mayor of Camden from 1886 to 1892, succeeding Claudius Bradshaw. He made his residence in the 1880s and 1890s at 114 North 6th Street in Camden, a short walk from his provisions business at 122 North 3rd Street

During the administration of Mayor Pratt, the first Manual Training and High School in Camden was established, on the upper floors of 125 Federal Street in 1891. Professor Horatio Draper was the principal. 

Jesse Pratt left office in 1892. John Leighton Westcott succeeded him as mayor. Jesse Pratt returned to his business activities. By 1900 he was involved in the coal business, from his property at 23 Market Street.

The History of Camden County New Jersey
George Reeser Prowell - 1886

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 26, 1884
Thomas DudleyFrank Turner - William Parker - Charles Wolverton
J. Willard Morgan -   Frederick A. Rex - Daniel Johntra - Richard H. Lee
George Doughten -
Charles Henry Peters
Joseph B. Green
- Amos Richard Dease - Robert Gilmore - Jesse Pratt

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 20, 1886

Jesse Pratt - Samuel Lee - William Pedrick - Christian Tenner
Charles H. Peters

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 16, 1886

Jesse Pratt - Charles H. Peters

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 17, 1886

Jesse Pratt - Wiliam White - William Smith
James Gibson -
Cooley Smith - John Kelly
Kaighn Avenue - Mt. Ephraim Avenue

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 19, 1886

Jesse PrattCharles Woodward - Josiah V. Middleton - South 2nd Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 26, 1886

Casper Hart - Jesse Pratt

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 10, 1886

Jesse Pratt - John A. Dall

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 27, 1886

Jesse Pratt - Dr. Onan P. Gross - Kate Gudenkunst
Pine Street - Mrs. Peter Engle

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 6, 1887

Jesse Pratt - Lewis Benner

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 1, 1887

Jesse Pratt - John U. Meiler - Carpenter Street  
131 North 11th Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 15, 1888

Jesse Pratt - Lizzie W. Frome - Harold Woolston - Lewis Rothkogle

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 10, 1888

Jesse Pratt - Thomas Johnson - Frank C. Reeves - Officer Edward S. Cooper Samuel Dodd
James Farrell - Sing Lee - Joseph Russell - Christian Kline
Benjamin Braker - Sinnickson Chew
Royden Street - Cherry Street - Washington Street - Cooper Street

Philadelphia Inquirer
August 21,1888

Jesse Pratt - Herman Keller - John Cleary
Daniel F. Hurley - Lewis Mickle

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 5, 1889

Jesse Pratt - Johanna Connell
North 9th Street - Federal Street - Market Street

New York Times - January 27, 1889

Annie Eisenhardt - Joseph Ellis - Dr. Harry Jarrett
Jesse Pratt - Samuel Dodd - Wilson H. Jenkins

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 28, 1889

Annie Eisenhardt - Joseph Ellis - Dr. Harry Jarrett
Jesse Pratt - Samuel Dodd - Wilson H. Jenkins

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 4, 1889

Jesse Pratt - Benjamin Braker

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 1, 1889

Jesse Pratt - Charles P. Herfurth


Philadelphia Inquirer
August 9, 1889


George "George Cable" Kappel
Beideman's Station
David Baird Sr.
Alfred Hugg
Richard Kerswell
Samuel Dodd
Jesse Pratt

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 12, 1889

Theodore Lambert - Daniel Sands - Hewlings N. Mulvey - Mickle Street
Jesse Pratt - George O. Horneff

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 2, 1890
William Carrigan - J.W. Stow - Annie Genther - Jesse Pratt
Charles R. Bacon - George H. Wheaton -
Edward Powell
John Kilmartin - Philip Harris
William J. Browning - Front Street - Elm Street - Samuel Dodd

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 24, 1890

Jesse Pratt - Henry A. Hilt

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 31, 1890

Mayhew Press - Casper Hart - Jesse Pratt

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 7, 1890

Jesse Pratt - Patrick McNally - George Groll

Philadelphia Inquirer
June 12, 1890

W.B.E. Miller - E.E. Jefferis
Samuel Dodd - Jesse Pratt 
Jennings' Sixth Regiment Band
Robert Bender - Samuel S. Buzine
John A. Stockton - Henry Grosscup
Mortimer WIlson
Amedee Middleton

Thomas Murphy -
Isaac McKinley
Albert Gilbert - Chalkley Leconey
Engine Company 1 -
Engine Company 2

Engine Company 3 -
Engine Company 4

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Philadelphia Inquirer - August 7, 1890

Jesse Pratt - James M. Cassady
Christopher A. Bergen   - Henry J. West
George Barber - Mrs. Catherine Jack
Frederick Funk - South 7th Street - Cherry Street
Second Ward Republican Club

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 7, 1890

Jesse Pratt - Frederick Funk - South 7th Street - Cherry Street

Philadelphia Inquirer
August 12, 1890

Walter Elder - Mamie Kelly
Division Street - Jesse W. Pratt
Llewellen B. Jackson - Federal Street
George Burtos - Mechanic Street
Minnie Aaron - Linden Street
Jimmy Bundles

Philadelphia Inquirer
August 25, 1890

Jesse Pratt - Thomas Barnes - John Barnes
William Harvey

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 20, 1890

William Harvey
Joseph Flanigan
Mickle Street
South 2nd Street
Robert Miller
Edward Bates
Charles Bates
William Harris
Jesse Pratt
James Lafferty
Dennis Corbitt
Thomas E. Mullane
Kaighn Avenue
South 4th Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 22, 1890

Jesse Pratt - Thomas Kripps - Lawrence Smith
William Harvey

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 28, 1890

Jesse Pratt - Cresson Street - Peter Wolverton
Edward Biddle - Walter Davis - Daniel Powell

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 26, 1891

Jesse Pratt - William Gladney - Harry Garren - Scudder & Son

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 30, 1891

The Italian Murderer Captured on His Return to Camden. 
After Thrusting the Stiletto Into the Heart of His Sister-in-Law
He Coolly Changes His Clothes to Escape Identification

After spending a night in the woods between Camden. and Atlantic counties, Dominico Fellippo Cocco, who murdered his sister-in-law at Cedar Brook, about eighteen miles from Camden, on Saturday night, as told in yesterday's Inquirer, was arrested yesterday morning.

Cocco is 29 years of age and lived in Italy until last December, when he came' here with his young bride and a babe. With his scanty earnings as a street sweep the young couple lived happily in the Italian quarter on Carpenter Street, until the last January, when the couple had a quarrel, which ended in their separation. 

Mrs. Cocco, with her babe, then took refuge with her parents and sister, who live at Cedar Brook, which is near the Winslow Junction, on the Camden and. Atlantic Railroad. Here she remained until Saturday night, when she was removed to the Camden City Hall as a witness to the tragedy in which her sister Giovanna Torra was the victim and her husband the murderer.


Saturday evening Cocco, with a bundle on his arm, went to Cedar Brook. Leaving the bundle in the station he proceeded to the home of his mother-in-law, Rosalia Torra. Words with his wife precipitated a family row, during which he threatened to kill his father-in-law. The latter went for an officer in company with Carlos Santarlio, who bad met Cocco at the railroad station.

Cocco then turned to his wile and in his native language shouted, "I am going to cut your head off and send it to the King if Italy.” He was about to strike her, when Giovanna stepped in to protect her sister. By this time the trio had got on the outside of the house. When about forty yards away Cocco made another grab for his wife. Giovanna again came to the rescue of her sister. She grappled with him and was struggling with him about the little garden patch, when suddenly Cocco placed the hand arund the girl's shoulders and with his right hand drew a keen-edged stiletto from his pocket. With all the force he sent the instrument into the girl's side.

This blow failed to do its work and Cocco then plunged the stiletto again into her body, this time through her heart. With a shriek and a groan the girl dropped dead at his feet. The murderer then fled to the railroad station, where he secured the bundle which he had secreted. Out of this he took a pair of overalls, a jumper, and a slouch hat. The overalls and jumper he placed over his other clothing. The cap which he wore when he committed the murder he discarded. After disguising himself he ran to the next station below Cedar Brook, where he took a train for Ellwood.


The balance of the night he spent hiding in the woods at that place. Yesterday morning he took a train at Ellwood and came to the Camden station of the Philadelphia and Atlantic City Railroad, where he was captured by Policeman Casper Hart. Cocco offered no resistance. He was taken to the City Hall, where he was brought before his wife in the private apartments of Superintendent Moffet.

“Do you know that man?” asked Mr. Moffett of the woman. She threw up both her hands and commenced to weep. Between her sobs she would mutter the name of Dominico. She almost went frantic with fear that he would injure her.

The murderer, cool and collected, was, taken before Mayor Pratt, to whom he admitted the murder, but claimed it was committed in self defense, at the same time displaying a cut on the head, which he claimed was inflicted by the girl with an axe. He was then about to demonstrate the manner in which he stabbed Giovanna wben his wife became hysterical and rushed into the Mayor's private office, where on her knees she appealed for protection from the man who had taken her sister’s life. All of the witnesses discounted the claim of Cocco that he committed he deed in self-defense.

The remain of the murdered girl were placed in an ice box in the Camden Morgue yesterday. She was 17 years of age and strikingly handsome. There are no marks of violence on her face or body. The fatal stab wound on the surface of the skin looked to be only about an inch and a quarter long. County Physician Iszard says the stiletto must have plunged into the breast at least six or eight inches. All of the witnesses have been held in $1,000 bail to appear at court. Coroner Jefferis has charge of the case and will hold an inquest the latter part of the week.


Philadelphia Inquirer - June 10, 1891

Jesse Pratt - Walter Middleton - Emma Stewart

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 19, 1891

Jesse Pratt - South 4th Street - Kaighn Avenue
Line Street - West Street - Broadway
J. Hermann - 
Temple Theater - David Baird Sr.
William Kemble - Delaware Avenue - Baltic House
Market Street - Henry George - John Woodhull

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 18, 1891

Edward E. Jefferis - Perry Jordan

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 18, 1891

Jesse Pratt - Francis F. Souder - John A. Jackson

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 19, 1891

Jesse Pratt - Joseph Gibbs - Ernest Waples
Perry Jordan - E.E. Jefferis

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 24, 1891

Jesse Pratt - Joseph  Gibbs - Ernest Waples
Perry Jordan - E.E. Jefferis

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 26, 1891
General Ballington Booth - Salvation Army - Camden Press Club - Federal Street
Jesse Pratt  - Richard Esterbrook - North 2nd Street - Penn Street
J. Frederick Voigt - Engine Company 2 - C. Howard Hunt - Henry West 
Herbert Ripley - William Ripley - Thomas Burton -
Kaighn Avenue

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 4, 1891

Jesse Pratt - Joseph Gibbs - Ernest Waples
Perry Jordan - E.E. Jefferis

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 6, 1891

Jesse Pratt - Joseph Gibbs - Ernest Waples
Perry Jordan - E.E. Jefferis - John Hill

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 12, 1891

Benjamin Thomas - May Howard - Jesse Pratt
Front Street - Kaighn Avenue

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 20, 1891

Jesse Pratt - Frank Yeager - Christian Eppinger - Locust Street - Spruce Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 9, 1892

Jesse Pratt - Eugene Lippincott - George W. Ingraham
South 3rd Street - Berkley Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 19, 1892

Jesse Pratt - Patrick McNally - Mrs. Augusta Kohlinberg
North Front Street

 1900 Camden City Directory