JAMES YOUNG was born in Pennsylvania around 1898. After serving in the armed forces during World War I, James Young married around 1921. On June 16, 1923 James Young was appointed to the Camden Fire Department. The 1924 City Directory lists James Young and his wife Florence at 1011 Segal Street in North Camden, next door to brother firefighter Elwood Martz, who lived at 1013 Segal Street

The 1927 and 1927 City Directories show James Young and his wife Florence at 1206 North 24th Street in Cramer Hill. The 1930 Census shows James Young, wife Florence, and children Marjorie and James at the North 24th Street address, and Fire Department Records from 1931 also list him at that address. Brother firefighter Allen Palmer was living with the Youngs in 1931, according to Fire Department records.

By 1935 James Young had been promoted to Captain. He then was serving with Engine Company 8, at 619 Kaighn Avenue in South Camden. He later was assigned to Ladder Company 2, quartered in the same building. The 1940 and 1943 City Directories shows that James Young and his wife Florence were living at 3322 Mitchell Street in East Camden. He was still working as a Captain when the 1947 Directory was compiled. That edition shows him living at 1155 Lois Avenue in Cramer Hill. James Young retired from the Fire Department as a Captain in February of 1950.

James Young was still listed in the 1956 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory at 1155 Lois Avenue. He is not listed in the 1959 edition, however, Florence Young is listed at 3322 Mitchell Avenue, and remained listed there through at least the fall of 1970. James Young passed away in April of 1970.

Trenton Evening Times - January 17, 1935