Rev. J. Allen Nimmo

REV. J. ALLEN NIMMO has been involved in Camden city government, mostly in the field of welfare and human services since the 1960s. He was serving as pastor of the Tenth Street Baptist Church at 1860 South 10th Street in Centerville section by February of 1959. In 1967, when the photograph art left was taken, he was Director of the departments of City Properties, Recreation, and Civil Defense. For many years he has been the director of Camden's Department of Human Services. 

Camden Courier-Post - February3, 1959

CSCS Group Addressed By Educator


Josiah C. Conwell Jr., of Palmyra, principal of Camden's Fetter's School was guest speaker Monday night in the First Methodist Church, Westville.

Addressing the "guest night" meeting of the Women's Society for Christian Service on "Character Building," Conwell said the church is the greatest of all character-building institutions.

Conwell is a steward in the Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church, Riverton.

Mrs. W. R. Stocton, 233 Chestnut Street, Westville, vice president of the auxiliary, and program chairman introduced the speaker.

Guest WSCS groups attended from Methodist Churches in Almonesson, Brooklawn, Chew’s Landing, Colonial Manor, Mt. Ephraim, National Park, Thorofare, Verga and Gloucester,

Mrs. Francis Goss is president of the host society.

* * *

By proclamation of Mayor Brunner, Camden will join in celebrating National Negro History Week, February 8-15.

Clubs and groups win pay tribute over the nation to Negro Americans who have made contributions to the existence of the United State's as a free and independent nation.

Service Guild of the Tenth Street Baptist Church, 1860 South 10th Street, is spearheading local I programs for the week's anniversary.

John M. Gray, 1112 Van Hook Street, announces availability of speakers for such programs from a special bureau set up by the guild. He may be contacted at his residence, or by telephone: WO 6-3724.

Climaxing the week's celebration, the guild is sponsoring a mass meeting, February 15, at 8 p. m., in the Tenth Street Church. Local citizens who have made outstanding contributions to race advancement, during 1958 will be presented awards.

Gray announced as main speaker, Thomas Okelo-Odongo, acting executive secretary of the All-African Student Union of the Americas, and a student lecturer at Howard University, Washington, D, C, He is a native of Kenya, and will speak on "Africa Today”.

The Rev. J. A. Nimmo is pastor of the host church.

* * *

Numerous Camden residents attended the annual National Freedom Day celebration in Philadelphia. By a 1948 act of Congress February 1 was made a legal holiday, National Freedom Day..