ISAAC M. SHREEVE was born February 28, 1853 to Isaac M. and Mary Wilkinson Shreeve. His father, a Civil War veteran, had passed before he turned 14. When the census was taken in 1870, the family lived in Camden's Middle Ward. It appears that their neighbors were the Whitcraft family. As the Whitcrafts were also the next door neighbors at the time of the 1880 Census it is highly likely that the address was 557 Bridge Avenue. There is some confusion as to how Isaac M. Shreeve spelled his name, it turns up in print as Shreeves, Shreeve, and Shreve.

On January 4, 1876 Isaac M. Shreeve married Nellie Bacon. When the 1880 Census was taken the Shreeves family was at 557 Bridge Avenue. Three children had been born, William Shreeve, Mary R. Shreeve, and Isaac Shreeve. James Beale Shreeve, Alfred Shreeve, Joseph Shreeve, and Maud Marion Shreeve came later. Sadly, Alfred and Maude died while quite young. In 1880 Isaac M. Shreeve was employed as the janitor of Morgan's Hall. This job ended shortly after owner John Morgan passed away in December of 1881. On April 8, 1882 Isaac M. Shreeve was appointed to the Camden Fire Department, assigned as a hoseman at Engine Company 2. He also was partners in a house painting business in the 1880s with brother firefighter William H. Bassett. In 1887 he joined the Camden Police Department.

The Camden City Directory shows the Shreeve family still living at 557 Bridge Avenue through 1890. By 1887 Isaac Shreeve had been appointed an officer on the Camden Police Department. 

Isaac Shreeve was serving as a policeman in Camden when, in May of 1890, while responding to a report of a burglary in progress at a Chinese laundry at Broadway and Berkley Street, he was show and seriously wounded by Ben Hudson, a notorious local criminal. Fortunately Isaac Shreeve recovered from his wounds and eventually returned to work with the Camden police. Ben Hudson's criminal career came to an end on October 6, 1895, when he was shot and killed in a running gun battle while evading arrest near Cobb's Island Station, Virginia. His brother Bill was wounded by the same bullet and arrested. After leaving the police force, Isaac Shreeve did some business as a bail bondsman in the 1890s.

By 1906 Isaac Shreeve had moved to 17 South 36th Street in East Camden. Sometime between then and the summer of 1910 Isaac Shreeve returned to the Camden Police Department. Nellie Bacon Shreeve passed away between the time of the compilation of the 1914 City Directory and January 1920, when the Census was taken. At that time Isaac Shreeve was still living at 17 South 36th Street and a member of the Camden Police Department. A Jennie S. Perkins was living at the address as well, and they wed soon after the Census was taken.Isaac Shreeve was then still living at 17 South 36th Street and even though he was past 70, was still working for the Camden Police Department.  

By 1920 son Joseph Shreeve had married Laura Boulton, of 15 North 32nd Street in East Camden. He had also become a Camden policeman. He served on horseback in the late 1910s and early 1920s. Laura's younger brother Lawrence Boulton had a long career as a fire fighter in Camden.

Still working as a policeman at the age of 73, Isaac Shreeve passed away while on the June 19, 1926 in Camden, suffering a stroke while responding to a call. While not regarded as a line of duty death at the time, by today's standards this would be.

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Isaac Shreeve - John Morgan - Frank J. Burr - Morgan Hall -  Jonathan Burr - Hamilton Markley
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Philadelphia Inquirer - September 10, 1900

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Aerie No. 5, Fraternal Order of Eagles 

Camden Post-Telegram
September 4, 1919

Isaac M. Shreeve



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St. George Methodist Episcopal Church
Isaac M. Shreeve




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June 19, 1926

Isaac M. Shreeve
Jesse Pratt
Cooper B. Hatch
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Joseph Shreeve
South 36th Street


Camden Daily Courier
October 27, 1926

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Isaac Shreeve
West Jersey Hospital
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