HUGH GREENAN was born in Ireland around 1817. He had been an innkeeper in Philadelphia before the Civil War, also later had come to Camden, dealing in plaster (lime) by 1880. Both he and his son Peter Greenan, who had moved to Camden in the 1870s, and who had settled around South 7th Street and Ferry Avenue. Sons William and John Greenan, came soon afterwards. By 1890 the Greenans were manufacturing a patented hair plaster that was used in sidewalk construction. Hugh Greenan was still living in Camden as late as 1880.

This business was carried forward through the 1890s, at 1729 Master Street in Camden's Eighth Ward. By 1914 John J. Greenan and his son, Hugh A. Greenan had two businesses going on in Philadelphia, John J. Greenan & Son and the Reliable Odorless Excavating Company. John J. Greenan had moved to 1736 South 7th Street, a property which backed on the old Master Street address,  where he engaged in a horsehair business and also was still manufacturing the patented paving cement.. The business which included a stable also had a street address of 1736 South 7th Street.  John J. Greenan appears to have passed away during the 1910s.

Hugh A. Greenan was living in Atlantic City when the census was taken in 1920. He was still in business as a contractor, and kept the business on South 7th Street going through at least 1922, when a fire destroyed all the buildings at the South 7th Street address.

The Greenan family, primarily descendants of Hugh Greenan's sons Peter and William, maintained a strong presence in Camden well into the 1950s. Grandson Harry A. Greenan served for over 36 years with the Camden Fire Departments, and other members of the Greenan family worked for the Police Department, the school board, and engaged at different times in the bottling and tavern business, as well as following other trades and occupations.

Hugh Greenan was one of the early members of the Church of the Immaculate Conception and a charter member of the Church of the Sacred Heart.