HENRY "HARRY" GREEN was born around 1858.

Harry Green was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on April 21, 1905. Harry Green began work with Ladder Company 1 on July 1, 1905 along with Edward Finley. The two men worked side by side for the next nine years, when Finley passed away..

Despite his advanced age, Harry Green was still working as a firefighter as late as 1931, as there was no mandatory retirement age at the time. He finally retired in the early 1930s. Fire Department records from 1931 sho him living at 434 Pine Street.

Harry Green was still living in Camden as late as 1939. By the time the 1943 Camden City Directory was compiled he had passed. 

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 22, 1905

Charles Cook
James White
Harry C. Anderson

Edward Finley
Martin Carrigan
James WIllis
Harry Green
Seth D. Monnell
William K. Buzine
Charles Sturgis
William Miller
Samuel T. Whitezell
Ephraim T. Davis
J. Oscar Till Jr.
John H. Vickers
Frederick Morse


Philadelphia Inquirer
June 18, 1907



Rollo Jones - Henry Green - John Lutts - George KappelCharles H. Ellis - David Baird Jr. 
Captain Ricardo Pericoli -
Italian Royal Navy cruiser R.M. Etruria - Howard Mulford
Ladder  Company 1 - Pearl  Street 

Hook & Ladder Company No.1
with new 1914 American LaFrance 75', 4 cyliner aerial ladder, in front of Fire Headquarters

From Left: tillerman Bill Tatem, firemen Edward Finley, Charles Gladney, and Harry Green, Lt. Harry Anderson,
George Hollins and Steward Bakley, Captain Joseph Maxwell, and driver Harry Burroughs

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 19, 1915


A. Goldberg - Richard Noon - Howard Robbins
North 10th Street - Penn Street - Cooper Hospital
Wildwood Avenue - Princess Avenue - Broadway
Kaighn Avenue - Jackson Street
South 3rd Street - Bridge Avenue
Toone & Hollinshed - Camden Curtain Rod
John McTaggart - Harry Green
Chemical Company No. 1 (Engine Co. 9)
Engine Company No. 1
Toone & Hollinshed
Parkside School

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