HARVEY G. WATTS was born in Massachusetts in, according to the 1900 census, April of 1872. He married Mary Hewitt around 1891. The 1900 Census shows them living with her parents, Lewis and Martha Hewitt, at 412 North 6th Street. Harvey Watts was then working as a clerk for the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Harvey Watts was appointed to the Camden Fire Department in May of 1903 as a replacement for John Van Hart, who had died. He was initially assigned to Engine Company 3, then spent some time with Engine Company 2, and Engine Company 4. On January 2, 1908 he was sent to Ladder Company 1 in exchange for Charles Cook. On January 16, 1909 he was sent to Engine Company 6 and was replaced by William H. Tatem. On September 22, 1909 Harvey Watts was transferred from Engine Company 6 to Ladder Company 1, replacing Samuel Harring, was in turn sent to Engine Company 6. In 1911 Harvey Watts was transferred to the Electrical Bureau, and in 1914 he was made clerk of the department by then Chief Charles Worthington. That year's city directory shows that he and his wife were still living at 412 North 6th Street.

The 1918-1919 City Directory and the 1920 Census shows Harvey Watts and his wife Mary at 601 Penn Street. He was then working at Fire Headquarters as the Fire Department's clerk. In 1923 he was transferred to Ladder Company 1, then on December 25, 1923 he was promoted to Captain and sent to Engine Company 3 at 1815 Broadway. He later was transferred to one of the companies operating out of the East Side firehouse at North 27th and Federal Streets, where he served out the rest of his career,

City Directories from 1924 and 1927 show Harvey Watts living at 1504 Baird Avenue. The 1929 city directory shows him living at 1453 Baird Avenue. When the 1930 Census was taken, Harvey and Mary Watts were still at 1453 Kaighn Avenue, where they were renting. In 1936 Harvey Watts retired from the Camden Fire Department and moved to Pitman, New Jersey. He passed away at some point after April 4, 1940.

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 22, 1903

John Vanhart - Harvey G. Watts

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 20, 1910

Camden Post-Telegram * December 27, 1910

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Charles Robinson
Samuel Price
Harry Haines
Mortica Clark
James McDermott
John McTaggart
Roy A. Smith
Peter Gray
Harvey Watts
Samuel S. Elfreth
George P. Cox
Mrs. Tillie Sackett
Harry Ehrlich - Lena Ehrlich
Florence Ehrlich - Martha Ehrlich
Edward T. Sackett - Harry Pinsky
Mary Palosky - Joseph Hermann
Harry Nurock
Albertson L. Matlack
Engine Company 7

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 17, 1911

John Stockton - Harvey G. Watts - William E. Laird - Edward Fryer
South 6th Street - Berkley Street

Camden Daily Courier
November 24, 1915

Robert Brice
Joseph T. Daley
Daniel Grimes
William W. Patterson
Charles Cook
Peter B. Carter
Joseph Logue
Ephraim T. Hires
Rollo Jones
Harvey Watts
Arthur Wingate
Harry Hankins
Josiah Sage
Abraham Kern
Charles Watkin
Martin Carrigan
John Miller
Frank Sheridan
Engine Company 4


Philadelphia Inquirer - November 25, 1921

William W. Patterson - Peter B. Carter - Harvey G. Watts 

Camden Courier-Post * April 4, 1940
Engine Company 2 - Engine Company 4 - Jim Elberson 
Dr. Frank Neil Robinson - Charles Worthington
David B. Jester - J.B. Van Sciver Company
Vine Street - Delaware Avenue - George Street
North 5th Street - Arch Street

Engine Company 3 - Ladder Company 1 - Victor Talking Machine Company
North 5th Street - Arch Street - Broadway - David Baird Lumber Company

John Costello - Engine Company 3 - Engine Company 9
North 27th Street - Broadway - Federal Street - Ferry Avenue

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