FLORENCE V. CANNON was born in Camden, New Jersey on January 30, 1883 to Catherine M. and William H. Cannon. A brother, Horace Cannon, was born in 1886.

The City Directory for 1883 states that the Cannon family was living at 918 Newton Avenue. The City Directories from 1887 through 1894 show the family at 294 Mount Vernon Street. William Cannon was working as a deck hand as early as 1878, as an engineer for the American Dredging Company in 1883, as a "foreman" in 1887, by the following year his occupation was "captain". By 1894 he had risen to the position of Assistant Superintendent of the American Dredging Company, and by 1895 the family had moved to 576 Benson Street. Another child, William J.B. Cannon, arrived in August of 1896. Sadly, on March 2, 1899 Catherine Cannon became a widow, when William H. Cannon was lost at sea off Norfolk, Virginia while bringing a dredge back to Camden. Florence Cannon and other members of the Cannon family maintained residence at 576 Benson Street until her death in 1963.

Florence V. Cannon's talent as an artist soon was recognized. She studied at the Philadelphia School of Industrial Arts and was teaching art at Gloucester City High School as early as 1908. At the New Jersey State Fair held in October of 1914, Florence V. Cannon won nine first prizes and ten second prizes for paintings on various materials including fabrics and china, as reported in the October 6, 1914 edition of the Trenton Times.

Florence V. Cannon was well-known as an artist and operated an art school in Philadelphia. Another venture Florence Cannon undertook was a business in the early 1920s manufacturing doll houses and doll house furniture. She traveled to Europe in 1928, returning from London aboard the S.S. Minnesota, arriving in New York City in October of 1928. In 1939 she was a founding member and first president of the American Color Print Society. Besides prints, she worked in a number of other mediums, including oil painting and sculpture.

Florence V. Cannon passed away on April 7, 1963 at Cooper Hospital in Camden. 

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 9, 1899

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Philadelphia Inquirer - October 17, 1922

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Oil Painting
Florence V. Cannon

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