ELI MORGAN HUNT was born on May 13, 1882 in Camden, New Jersey, one of 10 children of James H. Hunt and his wife Mary. He was named after Eli Morgan, whom his father had supported politically during Morgan's unsuccessful bid for election as Camden County sheriff in 1881. 

The Hunt family had moved in the late 1870s from Gloucester City to 819 Kaighn Street, which was renamed Dauphin Street in January of 1882. James Hunt in time became involved in local politics, and over the years held a number of positions. By 1894 James Hunt, then the Fish Warden, and his family was living at 316 Line Street

When the 1900 Census was taken two of Eli Hunt's siblings were then living at his parents home, sisters Theodosia and Katherine. Three other siblings had moved out, including older brother George H. Hunt. Sadly, four of the Hunt children had by then died. When the census was taken in 1900 James Hunt was then a constable in Camden, a political appointment not without a measure of local influence. 

City Directories show that by 1906 and as late as 1914 Eli Hunt was a member of the United States Navy. During these times his brother George H. Hunt was appointed to the Camden Fire Department, at some point after the compilation of the 1906 Directory and before May 2, 1910 when the 1910 Census was enumerated, very probably through the political influence of his father, James Hunt. His sister, Theodosia, was also politically active.

Theodosia  Hunt married coal and ice merchant Joseph Henry Conaghy sometime after 1900. The 1906 City Directory shows the Conaghys living at 246 Pine Street, where Joseph Conaghy also conducted his business, the Eagle Ice & Coal Company. The 1910 Census shows that Joseph Conaghy had gone into the tavern business. He was then operating a bar at 601-603 Kaighn Avenue, where he and Theodosia made their home, they later operated a bar known, appropriately enough, as Conaghy's, at 950 South 5th Street.

Eli Hunt came back to Camden from the Navy after the 1914 City Directory was compiled. By September of 1918 he had been appointed to the Camden Fire Department. He was then living at 330 Beckett Street. This would remain his address through 1929. Eli Hunt  served with Engine Company 3 during the 1920s. 

Sister Theodosia Hunt Conaghy was widowed in the early 1920s. In 1923 Mrs. Conaghy was appointed to the position of matron at the Camden County Jail, adjacent to the courthouse at Broadway and Federal Streets. 

On April 4, 1928 Eli Hunt, then a driver at Engine Company 3, was promoted to junior captain. On the same date, brother George Hunt, then a junior captain at Engine Company 7 was promoted to senior captain. 

When the 1930 Census was taken, Eli Hunt was living with his sister Theodosia Hunt Conaghy and nephew Eli E. Conaghy at 814 South 6th Street. This would be his address through the spring of 1942.

Both Eli and George Hunt had retired from the Fire Department by 1942. Eli Hunt registered for the draft in April of 1942. He passed away in 1944 and was buried at New Camden Cemetery. 

Theodosia Hunt Conaghy retired from her post at the County Jail after 27 years service in 1950 at the age of 75. She passed away in December of 1957.

George Hunt and his wife Louise were still at 342 Line Street when the 1947 City Directory was compiled.

A nephew, Eli E. Conaghy, was a longtime Camden resident, an iron worker and  veteran of World War II, having been drafted at the age of 42. 

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 29, 1902
John Foster - F. Morse Archer
Joseph Nowrey - Eli Hunt  
Albert Keaser - John G. Helm 
Henrietta V. Bland - James Bland
Charles Wagner - Harry Miller
Robert Miller - F. Neil Robinson 
Edward Hartman
South 3rd Street - Beckett Street 
Liberty Street - Locust Street
South 3rd Street - Beckett Street - Liberty Street - Locust Street

World War I Draft Card


 Fire damaged a bedroom on the second floor at the home of Hyne Miller 972 Ferry Avenue, yesterday afternoon. The fire was caused, it is said, by a child playing with matches, which set fire to a bed covering. Firemen from No. 3 Engine and No. 2 Truck Company extinguished the blaze.

Eli Hunt, of No. 3 Engine Company, Broadway and Ferry Avenue, lost his glasses at the fire on Ferry Avenue.

Camden Courier
January 4, 1922

Camden Courier-Post - April 4, 1928


Thomas Nicholas - John H. Lennox - Rollo Jones - William Harring - Clarence Madden
George B. Wade
- William W. Patterson - George Hunt - David Ellis - George Saunders
Eli Hunt - William Van Pfefferle - William H. Toy - Leo Tomkins - Horace T. Molan
Laurence Boulton - George W. Garner - Felix E. Bendzyn - Harry H. Hess - Charles Jones
Thomas F. Gibbons - Byron Davis - John S. Anderson
Ladder Company 1 - Engine Company 3
Engine Company 6
- Engine Company 7 - Engine Company 9
 27th Street - Arch Street - Broadway Clinton Street
Federal Street
-  Ferry Avenue
York Street

John Voll, Edward Peraria, Howard Gick, Captain Eli Hunt and George Townsend, firefighters from Engine Company 9, based on Twenty-seventh Street, take a moment together following a fire on a rainy night in December 1928, seen here in the first row from left to right. The blaze involved the offices of Leon E. Todd at 2623 Westfield Avenue. Todd was a realtor who helped develop Medford Lakes.

World War II Draft Card