Dr. Sylvester


DR. SYLVESTER BIRDSELL was a prominent physician in Camden for over 30 years. On June 2, 1853 he founded the Camden City Medical Society, in company with Dr. Lorenzo Fisler, Dr. Othaniel Tayor, Dr. Richard M. Cooper, Dr. Isaac S. Mulford, Dr. Thomas F. Cullen, and Dr. John V. Schenck. He also served on the Board of Education from 1853 through the late 1860s, and was a professor at the Women's Medical College in Philadelphia from 1856 through October of 1861. 

Dr. Birdsell made his home late in life at 614 South 5th Street with his widowed daughter, Mary Warrington, and her three children. B. Laird, Mary, and Rudolph S. Warrington. Dr. Birdsell passed away in 1883. His home remained in the family through at least 1900. 

Camden Courier-Post - July 24, 1948

SYLVESTER BIRDSELL'S parentage was of Pennsylvania origin. His father, James Birdsell, married Mary Pyle, both of Chester County, in that State. Their son Sylvester was, however, born in Baltimore, Maryland, August 21, 1824. He was of a studious turn of mind, and taught school while attending medical lectures at the Jefferson Medical College, from which he graduated in 1848. Dr. Birdsell commenced the practice of medicine at Point Pleasant, Bucks County, Pa. In 1850 he moved to what was then known as South Camden, N. J., where he opened a drug store and began practicing medicine. In the same year he joined the County Medical Society, becoming its president in 1858. He was one of the organizers of the city society. His knowledge and ability secured for him a professorship in the "Woman's Medical College" of Philadelphia, a position he held for some time. Dr. Birdsell married Jane B. Laird, whose death preceded by several years his own, which occurred May 29, 1883. He was buried in Evergreen Cemetery. He left two daughters and one son, Rudolph W. Birdsell, who for a long time has been connected with the Camden Fire Insurance Association.