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DR. LORENZO F. FISLER was born on a farm in the upper end of Cumberland County, near Fislerville, on the 20th of April, 1797. He was the son of Dr. Benjamin and Catharine Fisler. He studied medicine with his father who then practiced medicine in Port Elizabeth, and as early as 1815 he assisted the latter in his profession. Dr. Fisler attended lectures at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated there from in 1819. He had two brothers, physicians, Samuel, his twin brother, and Jacob who practiced in Mays Landing, Atlantic County. Dr. Lorenzo F. Fisler began his professional career with his brother Benjamin in the latter place, where, being a good speaker, he occasionally preached in the Methodist Church. He remained here only a short time. He removed to Woodstown, in Salem County, and in 1825 he posed his examination before the board of censors of that county. In 1832 he returned to Port Elizabeth, and in 1836 he located in Camden, his office being on Second Street below Market. In this city he soon secured a good practice, at the same time joining actively in public affairs. 

Dr. Lorenzo Fisler was elected to City Council in 1839, and he was chosen to be Mayor in 1840 and held that post until 1844, when the mayor's office first became a post that was popularly elected. Dr. Fisler ran for mayor in 1848 on the Whig ticket, but was defeated. He ran again in 1851, and was elected, but failed to win the following year, losing to journalist Charles D. Hineline. He ran again in 1853 and won, and won another election in 1854, defeating former mayor John K. Cowperthwaite. He ran unsuccessfully three more times, in 1859, 1866, and 1869. 

Dr. Fisler was a clear and logical writer, and was the author of a pamphlet history of Camden, published in 1858, called  A LOCAL HISTORY OF CAMDEN, an excellent account of events up to and conditions existing at that time. As a public lecturer he was noted for his pleasing address and humorous satire, and he was frequently invited to deliver addresses before associations of a benevolent or charitable character. On June 2, 1853 he founded the Camden City Medical Society, in company with Dr. Sylvester Birdsell, Dr. Othaniel Tayor, Dr. Richard M. Cooper, Dr. Isaac S. Mulford, Dr. Thomas F. Cullen, and Dr. John V. Schenck. He never joined either the State or County Medical Societies. He was also president of the Camden Bible Society in the late 1850s.

Dr. Lorenzo F. Fisler died in Camden, March 31, 1871, survived by his wife Anna, and five children. His son, Weston D. "Wes" Fisler, had a career as major league ballplayer in the 1870s, and is known as having scored the first run in National League history.

This newspaper was found in a Time Capsule buried at 5th and Federal Streets in 1858.
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