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South Jersey: A History 1624-1924

ISADORE SAMUEL SIRIS, D. D. S.óIt is always an inspiration in the realm of biography to find there personal record of success in the professions attained entirely through personal work and effort applied toward one's purpose and goal. Dr. Siris, leading dentist, and with his offices maintained many years in Camden, is accounted one of the foremost men in his profession in the United States, both because of the skill that he has consistently exhibited in his work, and his activity as member and officer in local and National dental associations, and the eminent part that he has taken in organization and executive direction in their councils. His experience, inclusive of an excellent training and the enterprising progress shown in both the professional and the material interests of his practice, has prospered him in all his endeavors, so that within a very few years, he has acquired a place and standing whose repute has gone beyond the bounds of the State. His laurels have come from unpretentious beginnings, and through the channels of faithful work. He is a son of Samuel Aaron and Rosa (Caplan) Siris. Samuel Aaron Siris, a merchant, lived at No. 1310 Princess Avenue, Camden.

Dr. Isadore Samuel Siris was born April 17, 1886. He came to the United States with his parents when he was three and one-half years old, and at first settled at Carmel, New Jersey, where he graduated from the public and the high schools, afterwards attending the Millville High School for a year. Dr. Siris was the oldest of ten children, and when he left home at the age of fourteen years, the family removed to Camden. He went to New York, where he became proficient in mechanical dentistry under Dr. M. L. Joffe, a Brooklyn dentist. He afterwards studied at Cooper Union, and took Regent Board examinations, and made up high school work in order to matriculate at the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery in 1906, and where he graduated in 1909, with his degree in dentistry. He started in the practice of his profession at No. 1006 Newton Avenue, Camden, and remained there for three years, where he bought land and built his office building at No. 936 Broadway Avenue. He has continued there in his practice to the present.

While in college, Dr. Siris was auditor of his class two years. His fraternal affiliations are those of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, his membership with Lodge No. 293 having been held since 1914; and with B'nai B'rith for the same length of time. In his professional affiliation, he is a member of the New Jersey State Dental Society, Southern Dental Society, and the American Dental Association. He is treasurer of the Henry Jeffman Society of Odontology, of which he has been a member since 1906; and he is president of the Dental Association of Camden. Dr. Siris is the founder of the Ramach Fraternity, dental and local, at his alma mater, which society has become national in scope, and become Ramach Chapter of Alpha Beta Omega Dental Fraternity; and Dr. Siris was afterwards made an honorary member of Alpha Beta Omega. His family are members of the Bethel, of Camden, of the Congregation Sons of Israel, of Camden, of the Community Synagogue of Atlantic City, and the Reformed Temple, of Atlantic City.

Dr. Siris married, August 12, 1909, at No. 1006 Newton Avenue, Camden, with rabbinical ceremony, Anna Victoria Cutler, a native of Philadelphia, daughter of Sidney Cutler, a merchant, and Lena Cutler, neither of whom is now living. Dr. and Mrs. Siris are the parents of the following children: Florence Cecelia, born July 31, 1910; Sidney Milton and Ruth, twins, born June 25, 1912; and Helene, born April 2, 1919.

Camden Courier-Post - January 9, 1928

Camden Courier-Post - January 16, 1928

Broadway Merchants to Hold Annual Banquet at Hotel Walt Whitman, Jan. 25

 An exciting contest is expected in the annual election of officers of the Broadway Business Menís Association. The elections, preceded by a banquet, will be held Wednesday evening, January 25, at Hotel Walt Whitman.

Three merchants are candidates for the presidency, which will be vacated by Harry Pelouze. There are J.V. Moran, Walter Friant and Morris Futernick. They were nominated at the November meeting of the association.

Another battle is looked for in the naming of a vice-president. M. Fuhrman and J.W. Holmes are the two candidates while Morris Jaffe is the retiring vice president. Edwin C. Norcross, president treasurer, will be unopposed for re-election. Albert S. Dudley will be unopposed when he succeeds David Tattersdill as secretary.

Representatives from every business in every section of the city have been invited to attend the affair, while every one of the 150 members will probably be present. The principle speaker will be former Judge John B. Kates, of the Broadway Merchants Trust Company.

An address on interstate traffic and its relations to the transportation problems of Camden business will be delivered by J.J. Ruster, head of the transportation department of the Camden ≠Chamber of Commerce. Francis B. Wallen and Loyal D. Odhner, president and secretary respectively of the Chamber of Commerce will also be guests of the merchants.

A comparison of the work of other commercial organizations will be made by several well-known visitors. Benjamin Shindler, William Lipsitz and H. Zbieratski, presidents respectively of the East Camden, Kaighn Avenue and Mount Ephraim Business Menís Associations, will speak.

The new constitution and by-laws of the association will be adopted at the January meeting. Eighteen directors will be elected; six for terms of three years, six for two-year terms and a similar number for one year.

The candidates for director are Harry Pelouze, Joseph Kobus, J.W. Holmes, Albert Israel, James V. Moran, Walter Friant, Dr. I.S. Siris, Joseph Fuhrman, William E. Cross, S. Abeson, M. Futernick, Howard B. Lee, Fred W. Schorpp, Morris Jaffe, W. Mitchell, L. Markowitz, Joseph Corbett, M. Lasala, P. Thatcher, W. Falture, G. Lockerman and David Tattersdill

Camden Courier-Post - January 24, 1928


 The Camden Level Club will hold its first annual charily ball tomorrow night at the Hotel Walt Whitman. Proceeds will be used for charitable work.

Norman I. Wessel is chairman of the committee in charge. Milton Manheimer heads the ticket committee. Others aiding the arrangements are Fred Siris, secretary of the club, Joseph H. Rickler, treasurer, and Nathan S. Rubin, Dr. Isadore S. Siris, Nathan Friedenberg and Dr. Reuben L. Cutler.

Camden Courier-Post - June 15, 1933
Committee to Raise $10,000 for Aid, Told of Hardships in Germany

At an executive meeting of the United Committee for Relief of German Jews, held at Beth El Synagogue last night, the captains who will be in charge of teams for the purpose of raising $10,000 for relief of German Jews, were announced by Leon H. Rose, general chairman. In urging the appointees to intensive efforts, Rose said: 

"Six hundred thousand Jews are in distress. They are ousted from office, discharged from employment, denied civil and economic rights, persecuted and systematically forced to starve to death.

"There is raging in Germany one of the coldest and cruelest pogroms against the Jews ever known to history.

"We must help. We must rescue those helpless ones. Our weapon for immediate retaliation is money, and we must supply those arms. By the widest stretch of the imagination, it is inconceivable how any Jew in this community can exclude himself from this cause. 

"Thousands of German Jews, especially among the young, see a prospect of restarting their lives in Palestine to which some of them already have made their way. Determined, concerted Jewish effort can make it capable of providing a permanent home for a considerable part of German Jewry to whom the rest of the world, with few exceptions, is closed. 

"Immediate funds are needed. I appeal to you as self-respecting Jews who understand the suffering of your own race to come to the aid of your stricken brothers and sisters. Give them all you can." 

Those named and the organizations they represent are: Jacob Leventon, Congregation Beth El; David Lefkowitz, congregation Sons of Israel; Morris Josselson, Congregation Beth Israel; Benjamin Friedman, B'nai Brith; Mrs. I.S. Siris, Hadassah; Philip Miller, Hebrew Parent Teachers Association; Herman Odlen, Federation of Jewish Charities; Mrs. Rose Goldstein, Independent Social; Harry W. Markowich, Zionist Organization; Norman Heine, Junior 
Council; Julius Samson, Upsilon Lambda Phi. 

Mrs. William Laub, Council of Jewish Women; A. David Epstein, Sigma Alpha Rho; Mrs. Aaron Heine, Beth El Sisterhood; Samuel Shane, Talmud Torah; M. Snyder, Workmen's Circle; M. Bard, F. of S. U.; Louis Tarter, Independent Progress Lodge; Mrs. Zelda Lutz, Jacob J. Hernfeld Link; Dr. I.S. Siris, Jewish Welfare Society; Mrs. M. Shapiro, Hebrew Ladies Charities. 

Saul Lippman, Mizrachi; Mrs. Samuel Litow, Welfare Social Club; D. Breslow, Gordonia.; Dr. Reuben Cutler, Mizpah Lodge No. 245; F. & A. M.; Meyer Adelman, Camden Level Club; Mrs. Etta Rosen, B'nai Brith Auxiliary; Mrs. L. Weiss, Ladies Auxlliary of Progress Lodge; Miriam Morris, Junior 
Charity Workers; Mrs. A. Stoolman, Deborah Society; Mrs. M. Leider, Welfare Social.

Moses Bord was appointed captain of the workers. A mass meeting will be held June 20, at the Talmud Torah building, Seventh Street and Kaighn Avenue, and will be addressed by members of national, state and municipal governments, as well as outstanding Jewish leaders from New York and Philadelphia. 

Camden Courier-Post - June 28, 1933
All Organizations Join in Plan to Raise $10,000 Relief Fund

Representatives of every Jewish organization in Camden were in attendance last night at an emergency meeting of the United Committee for relief of German Jews, held in Talmud Torah Hall, Kaighn Avenue near Seventh Street, when plans to complete a drive for $10,000 by July 3 were adopted.

Leon H. Rose, Camden attorney and chairman of the committee, appointed a special committee to push the drive for funds to aid the 600,000 German Jews, victims of Hitler persecution.

Addresses were made at the meeting by Rabbi N. S. Arnoff, of Beth El Synagogue and Rabbi N. Riff, of Sons of Israel Synagogue. The committee includes Mark Marritz, Samuel Shane, Bella Ostroff, Joseph Shapiro, Mrs. Esther Rosen, Mary Mann, Benjamin Friedman, Herman Odlen, Harry W. Markowitz, Mrs. William Laud, A. David Epstein, M. Snyder, Louis Tartar, Dr. I. S. Siris, J. Richterman, Mrs, David Esterman, Harry Steinberg, Sylvia Sandgrund and Mrs. Hattie Michel.

An additional $300 was collected at the meeting and turned over to Lewis Liberman, assistant city solicitor, who is treasurer of the committee