Dr. Benjamin


DR. BENJAMIN W. KAUFFMAN was born in Russia on August 25, 1898 to Mr. and Mrs. William Kauffman. He came to America in 1904 with his parents and younger sister Sophia. Two more sisters came after the Kauffmans had moved to New Jersey, Pauline and Minnie.

William Kauffman was working as teamster at the Farr & Bailey Oil Cloth Works is South Camden in April of 1910. The family then lived at 1222 Chestnut Street, just off of Haddon Avenue, a block with many Polish immigrant families. At 1210 Chestnut lived the Wojtkowiak family, sons John, Casimir, and Stanley Wojtkowiak would all leave their mark on Camden. At 1230 Chestnut Street was Martin Purzycki's saloon. One of Purzycki's stepsons was about two years older than Benjamin Kauffman. That boy was Leon Lucas, the 1920 Olympic light-heavyweight boxing contender and the founder and long-time owner of Donkey's Place on Haddon Avenue.

By January of 1920 when the next census was taken, the Kauffman family was  residing at 1609 Mt. Ephraim Avenue. William Kauffman at that time had a retail bottling business. Benjamin Kauffman was then working as a railway clerk. He would complete his education during the 1920s. 

When the census was taken in 1931, Dr. Kauffman was living at 1518 Mount Ephraim Avenue, where his widowed sister, Sophia Gross, owned a hosiery shop. He was practicing as an optician at that time. By August of 1933 he had an office at 706 Broadway in South Camden. That summer he coordinated a quoits league in Camden as part of a city-wide effort to provide recreational outlets for the unemployed. Quoits is a game similar to pitching horseshoes, the main difference being that it is played with four-pound steel rings.

Dr. Kauffman and his wife Adele still resided at 706 Broadway when the 1947 Camden City Directory was compiled, and were still there as late as October of 1956. By the fall of 1959, Dr. Kauffman had move to 1655 Park Boulevard in Camden's Parkside neighborhood. He later moved to the Cooper River Plaza Apartments in Pennsauken NJ. He is listed at that address in the 1970 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory for Camden County. Last a resident of Pennsauken, Dr. Benjamin Kauffman passed away in April of 1971.

Camden Courier Post - August 1, 1933

Dr. Kauffman to Serve as Manager of Activities in Camden

Dr. B. W. Kauffman, optometrist, of 706 Broadway, has accepted an invitation to act as manager of quoit activities being promoted by Camden home gardeners among employ ed and unemployed men at the garden plots and playgrounds.

The invitation was extended by Arthur M. Taylor, rehabilitation director of the Camden City Emergency Relief Administration, under whose direction an extensive program of sports and other civic activities for both employed and unemployed is being promulgated.

Taylor and Dr. Kauffman hope to have the co-operation and assistance of officers and members of the South Jersey Quoit League in forming several leagues in Camden, and all interested in quoits are invited to meet with Taylor and Dr. Kauffman at 8 o'clock tonight in Taylor's office, Room 401, City Hall. Plans for several city leagues will be made.

Nine teams of home gardeners already have been organized, and are playing nightly at the 21 various garden plots in the city. Approximately six more gardeners' teams are being formed. In addition, several other organizations have started forming teams for at least one other league. Men visitors of the emergency relief organization are getting up a team of quoit enthusiasts, war veterans' posts will enter the competition, and several other organizations have responded to the call, Taylor said yesterday.

"We hope to organize about 50 teams," said Taylor, "and arrange a schedule so that championship matches can be played off as a feature of the Camden Home Gardens Show and Exhibition, which will be held in Convention Hall, September 14, 15 and 16."