DANIEL COOPERSON grew up in East Camden, near Woodrow Wilson High School. He has, as of May 2007, written five books, including the autobiographical BARRY AND DAN and most recently MY FRIENDS CALL ME MOTTS, with and about a person from his past, Richard Martorano, who  now lives in Singapore. They e-mailed information back and forth to get information for the bulk of the book.. For other books Daniel Cooperson has written, visit his Web site at www.iambigcoop.com.

Camden Courier-Post * May 6, 2007

S.J. Faces: Daniel Cooperson

Daniel Cooperson, 62, is a five-time author who has written three poetry books. His latest is titled, "My Friends Call Me Motts: The Long Journey from Camden, N.J., to Singapore."

Born in Philadelphia, Cooperson was raised in Camden. He graduated from Rutgers University-Camden before being drafted into the Army in November 1965 as the Vietnam War was intensifying. The Cinnaminson resident has two master's degrees, one in public administration from Central Michigan University and a second in social work from Rutgers-New Brunswick.

Q: Is this your first book?

A: No. This is my fifth book. Three books are books of poetry I have written and the other book is more autobiographical.

Q: What is the latest book about?

A: It's a story of a friend whose nickname is Motts. He grew up in poor sections of Camden. He always has been very bright and extremely humorous and a genuine prankster. It talks about his life from his modest upbringing through college, through his life where he became a very successful chemist and has a number of patents. He has a Ph.D. in chemistry.

Q: Which of your books do you like the most?

A: It's not easy to decide. But I feel this one is my favorite. It's the best one I've written so far.

Q: Where did you draw your inspiration from?

A: I had heard a friend of ours from eighth grade who was Italian-American, raised Roman Catholic, raised four children and had moved to Singapore after his marriage broke up. He became a Muslim. I was fascinated by his life.

Q: How did you approach your project?

A: I e-mailed him and suggested we collaborate on a book about his life. He's, like, 12 hours away in Singapore and we did it all by e-mail. He sent me his memoirs and I rewrote (them) into a book. We, via the Internet, wrote his life story.

Q: Why should people buy your book?

A: I think the book is worth reading because he's very interesting and humorous with a very complex personality. There are a lot of messages in the book. What he tries to explain is that many Muslims do not understand the people from the West and many people from the West don't understand Muslims, in general.

Q: Where can they purchase it?

A: Online, from the publisher, xlibris.com, or via Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other book sellers.

Q: Is there another book?

A: Right now, I'm piecing together a book of poetry. I also am considering writing a novel.

-- Wilford S. Shamlin

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