CHARLES KRATTENMAKER was born in Bremen, Germany around 1859. His parents came to America by the time he was three, as his younger brother Frank Was born in the USA. By the time of the 18890 Census, his father had passed away and his mother remarried, to laborer named John Housebeck. The Census states that they family lived in East Camden, and Charles Krattenmaker was working as a baker.

Charles Krattenmaker had purchased a saloon at 1138 Federal in 1888. He lived trhere, as did his parents and brother. By 1890 Charles Krattenmaker was in business at 942-944 Federal Street, where he remained through at least 1913. His family remained had 1138 Federal. 

Irish born James McAninley paid $2700 for the bar at 942 Federal Street from Charles Krattenmaker late in 1907. According to a newspaper account of the day, Krattenmaker spent McAninley's purchase price and then defaulted on completing the sale. The affair went to court in January of 1913. As of this writing (May 2004) this author does not know the outcome of this litigation. By 1918 Henrietta Storch was operating the bar at 9042 Federal Street. There was no bar located at this address by 1947. The building had been razed by the 1970s. James McAninley later owned a bar at 940 North 2nd Street, the corner of North 2nd and Erie Streets.

A descendant, also named Charles Krattenmaker, worked for the Internal Revenue Service in the 1940s. He lived at 172 South Dudley Street in East Camden.

Camden Courier - January 27, 1913