BENJAMIN F. PINE was born in May of 1873 in Camden, New Jersey. He was the son of Robert Pine, one of the original members of the Camden Fire Department, and his wife Mary Elizabeth. Benjamin F. Pine also served  briefly with the Camden Fire Department at some point in the 1900s or 1910s. 

As stated above, Robert Pine was a member of the Camden Fire Department when it went into service in December of 1869. Robert Pine resigned from service with the Camden Fire Department on April 2, 1870. Robert Pine was the son of William and Margaret Pine, and was born in New Jersey around 1840. He appears in the 1870 Census in Camden's Middle Ward with wife Mary Elizabeth, daughter Anna and son Harry. The 1872 Camden City Directory shows him living at 309 Taylor Avenue. Benjamin F. Pine was born in May of 1873. 

Robert Pine served briefly with the Camden Police Department in the late 1870s. On March 20, 1877  Robert Pine was appointed to serve as a policeman in Camden by Mayor James Ayers, to begin serving on April 1, 1877. Charles Daubman as appointed Chief of Police. The other men who were appointed were Jonathan Watson, Andrew Baird, John T. Miller, Daniel Johntra, Charles Hart, William Smith from the Third Ward, William Hawkins, Isaac Ellis, John W. Campbell, John E. Anderson, John Brown, Mark Sheldon, Thomas Conway, John Furey and William Smith from the Eighth Ward. Charles Daubman and Robert Pine had previously served as members of the Camden Fire Department. 

The 1880 Census shows Robert Pine living with his parents and children at 333 Mickle Street, along with a sister. In the late 1890s Robert Pine was living at 335 Berkley Street and working as a day laborer. The 1900 Census shows Benjamin F. Pine living with his father, grandmother Margaret Pine, and aunt Amy Pine. Robert Pine was still at this address when in February of 1902, he died of pneumonia at home on February 11, 1902.

Benjamin Pine married around 1904. The 1906 City Directory lists Benjamin Pine as a driver, living at 611 South 4th Street. The 1910 Census shows him still at that address, with wife Lillian and children Benjamin F. Pine Jr. and Mildred Pine. He was then working as a salesman for a bakery. The 1914 City Directory also has him at 611 South 4th Street. He was then working as a bakery foreman. He had the same occupation in the 1919 City Directory, but had by this time moved to 437 Carteret Street. The Pine family was still at that address in January of 1920, but moved from Camden shortly afterwards. They are not listed in the 1924 City Directory.

The 1930 Census shows Benjamin F. Pine, wife Lillian, Son Benjamin F. Jr., daughter-in-law Mable and grandson Benjamin F. Pine III living at 28 West Madison Avenue in Collingswood, New Jersey. Benjamin F. Pine was then working as a butcher at a food market.

Benjamin F. Pine died on March 2, 1937. He last was a resident of 206 Woodlawn Avenue in Collingswood, New Jersey.