BARRIE CARL CAMPEN was born on May 14, 1947 to Mary I. and Jack E. Campen in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania. He was the oldest of five children, coming before Craig, Lyndsay, Lee, and Marc. The family later moved to Marlton, New Jersey, a convenient commute for Jack Campen, who worked at the RCA plant in Camden.

Barrie Campen graduated from Lenape Regional High School in 1965 and subsequently served four year hitch in the United States Coast Guard. During his time in the Coast Guard he was stationed for one year at at the USCG Loran Station Cape Sarichef on Unimak Island, Alaska.

After leaving the Coast Guard in August of 1969 Barrie Campen worked as a fireman at the Naval Air Station Lakehurst and at McGuire Air Force Base. He and his wife Arlene settled in the Presidential Lakes 

section of Pemberton Township, New Jersey. Barrie Campen also served as a volunteer with the Presidential Lakes Fire and Rescue Squad.

On April 2, 1974 Barrie Campen was appointed to the Camden Fire Department.

Sadly, Barrie Campen died from injuries sustained in an automobile accident on May 15, 1975. On the evening of May 13, while returning home from work, he made a u-turn in order to assist a stranded motorist and his car collided with another vehicle. He left behind a widow, Arlene J. Campen, and two daughters, Adrianne, born in 1970, and Alison, who was born shortly after his death, his parents and siblings.

The Campen family continued and continues to serve community and nation. Younger brother Craig retired from the United States Air Force, sister Lyndsay is currently serving, with the rank of Colonel in the Air Force, and daughter Alison is an EMT in Burlington County, New Jersey.

On Duty
Cape May, New Jersey

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Visiting grandparents at Boothwyn, Pennsylvania
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Barrie Campen on Unimak Island - circa 1967

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USCG Loran Station Cape Sarichef

Unimak Island is in the red box on the map below

Barrie Campen on Unimak Island - circa 1967

Burlington County Times - June 25, 1975