ARTHUR FREDERICK BALLINGHOFF was born February 17, 1917 in Camden, New Jersey to Frederick and Sadie Ballinghoff. He lived in East Camden most of his life. His parents had lived at 27 Morse Street in 1914, but when his father registered for the draft in June of 1917, the family, which included an older sister, Evelyn, lived at 733 Fern Street in North Camden. The family had relocate d to 737 Fern Street by January of 1920, before returning to East Camden. The Ballinghoffs were residing at 2950 Cramer Street, the corner of North 30th and Cramer Streets, by 1924 and were still there as late as 1969.

Arthur F. Ballinghoff was inducted into the United States Army on November 25, 1940, reaching the rank of Corporal before being honorably discharged. He was one one of the first seventeen men from Camden to be drafted. Both Arthur Ballinghoff and another of the seventeen, Theodore N. Guthrie, became a member of the Camden Fire Department after the war ended. He served overseas with the Antitank Company of the 114th Infantry Regiment, 44th Infantry Division, and saw action in Southern France, Germany, and Austria. He returned to the United States aboard the Queen Elizabeth in July of 1945, and to Camden upon leaving the military.

The 1947 Camden City Directory shows Arthur Ballinghoff living with his parents at 2950 Cramer Street in East Camden. He was then working as a warehouseman at the Cashan & Co., Inc. food products business at 207-209 Kaighn Avenue.

Arthur F. Ballinghoff was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on March 15, 1948 and reported for work the next day at Engine Company 8 on Kaighn Avenue the next day. His first cousin, Joseph Ballinghoff Jr., had joined the Fire Department in 1938 and was serving with Engine Company 3 at that time. Arthur Ballinghoff remained at Engine 8 until February 16, 1950 when he was reassigned to Ladder Company 2, which was quartered in the same building. On June 15, 1951 Arthur Ballinghoff was reassigned to Ladder Company 1 at Fire Headquarters, North 5th and Arch Street. After almost two years at Ladder 1, his request for a transfer to East Camden was granted, and Arthur Ballinghoff was sent to Ladder Company 3 at North 27th and Federal Street on June 5, 1953. At the end of that year he was reassigned to Engine Company 9 at the same East Camden location, and remained with Engine 9 until March 4, 1966 when he was returned to Ladder Company 3. Arthur Ballinghoff retired after 24 years of service to the City of Camden on May 1, 1972. 

The 1956 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory lists Arthur Ballinghoff at 306 North 37th Street in East Camden. By October of 1959 he had moved to 38 Church Street. Arthur Ballinghoff later moved to 2835 Benson Street.

On November 24, 1962 Fireman Ballinghoff was cited by Public Safety Director Bedell for taking part in the rescue of three children.

In his later year Arthur Ballinghoff resided in Pine Hill, New Jersey. He died on December 9, 1989 and was buried at Beverly National Cemetery in Beverly, New Jersey. He was survived by his wife, Evelyn, who joined him on August 19, 1990.

Camden Courier-Post *  November 26, 1940
Harry Boody - Liberty Street
Cecile Graves - South 2nd Street
Joseph Ward - Federal Street
John M. Bowers - North 22nd Street
Arthur F. Ballinghoff - Cramer Street
George F. Borland - Howell Street
Vito Zannoni - Point Street
Leonard Buffetta - Point Street
William F. Fournier - Bailey Street
Joseph W. Migala - Mechanic Street
Luca D'Oria - Haddon Avenue
James E. Wright - Washington Street
William DiBello - Henry Street
John S. Zawila - South 9th Street
Edward J. Haab - South 6th Street
Theodore N. Guthrie - Fern Street
Bernardo S. Doganiero - Division Street

Jesse Massi - South 5th Street
Joseph H. O'Hara - Lois Avenue
John Mohllen - York Street
Harvey Goodwin - Federal Street
Robert Stockdale - North 9th Street
Charles A. Williams - State Street
Herman Foster - South 2nd Street




William E. Hughes
William J. Maurer
Robert B. Black
Harry Proposki
Benjamin E. Morris
Joseph F. Marini
William D. Spence
William C. Randoph
John F. Gorman
Joseph E. McCann
Richard V. Buck
Paul Cipolone
Arthur F. Ballinghoff
Cramer Street
Edward Quinn
John S. Zawila
South 9th Street
Otto Muller
Charles Seltzer

Camden Courier-Post - February 16, 1952
Woman Gas Victim Saved by Camden Rescue Squad

The hour-long effort of a fire department rescue squad Friday night saved a woman who tried to kill herself by gas.

Police said Mrs. Florence Marshall, 46, of 330 North Tenth Street, locked herself in the bathroom and turned on a gas jet. They added she was despondent because her daughter, Eva, 22, was planning to marry and leave

A son, William, 19, broke down the bathroom door and dragged the mother from the room. Patrolmen John Voll and Harrison Wilkinson were called and 
summoned the rescue squad headed by Captains Godfrey Patterson and George Boone.

It took the squad an hour to revive Mrs. Marshall by artificial respiration. She was taken to Cooper hospital and later to police headquarters, where she was released for a hearing Monday on a charge of attempted suicide.

Other members of Rescue Squad 1 are George Baxter, William Watkin, John Mogck, Edward Brendllnger, Arthur Ballinghoff, Christopher Moll, Edwin Decker, Carl Wirtz, Robert Olesiewicz, John Kolessar and Raymond Banford.