ALBERT LISBIE CORNOG was born in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania on October 12, 1886 to Charles Cornog and his wife, the former Mary Cassdy. He was the second of six children, coming after older sistet Annie May and before Marguerite, Ruth, Andrew, and Charles Cornog Jr..  The family had moved to New Jersey by 1892 when daughter Marguerite was born. Charles Cornog worked as house painter until appointed to the Camden Police Department by then-Mayor Cooper B. Hatch.

City Directories show the Cornogs at 724 Clinton Street in 1892 and 1893, 760 Division Street in 1895 and 1896, 834 Spruce Street in 1897. A news article from 1897 shows the Cornog family at 830 Spruce Street, the directory address is probably the correct one. The family was at 742 Cherry Street in 1898 and at 817 Division Street in the 1899 Directory. The 1900 Census and 1901 City Directory shows Charles Cornog and family still at  817 Division Street. The 1902 City Directory lists the family at 808 South 8th Street, where they remained through 1908. The 1909 City Directory shows the Cornog family at 811 South 8th Street, then back across the street to 810 South 8th Street by the spring of 1910. 

Charles Cornog passed away on June 13, 1910 at his home at  810 South 8th Street. Albert Cornog began his career with the Camden Police 

Department on June 17, 1910. In January of 1918 he was assigned to traffic duty, and was stationed for years at Haddon Avenue and Kaighn Avenue. Albert Cornog was promoted to Sergeant on February 2, 1929, to Lieutenant on October 10, 1941, and to Captain on March 23, 1943. 

Albert Cornog stayed at the house at 810 South 8th Street into the 1930s. He was still single as late as April of 1930, but had wed by 1940. The Directory of 1940 shows that Albert Cornog had moved to 1014 Morton Street, where he lived with his wife Anna. 

Albert L. Cornog retired on November 15, 1949 at the rank of Captain. He had been commanding the Third Police District, encompassing Cramer Hill and East Camden. Neither he or his wife are listed in telephone directories from that point onward.

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 17, 1910

Albert L. Cornog - Elizabeth Anna Black - Van Hook Street - Camden Smelting Works
South 6th Street - Mrs. Mary Kelly - Line Ditch

Philadelphia Inquirer
August 3, 1913

Albert L. Cornog
Camillus Appley
O. Glen Stackhouse
John Kowalczyk aka John "Happy" Kowal
Harry McCaffrey
William Jordan
John Skolski
Frank Kabinski
Mechanic Street
Mt. Vernon Street
Walnut Street
Sycamore Street
Haddon Avenue
Louis Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 20, 1914

Albert L. Cornog - Kaighn Avenue - Alexander Jasienski
James N. Ellis

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 16, 1915

Albert L. Cornog
O. Glen Stackhouse
Thomas Sewitsky
Lucy Sewitsky
Sycamore Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 18, 1917

Pine Street - Thomas Bundick - Emma Knauff Bundick
Philip Knauff - Elisha Gravenor - Harry Vliet - John Sheeran
Albert Cornog - Clarence Boyer - William Briant - David Hunt
Kaighn Avenue M.E. Church - Rev. William P. Valiant

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 1, 1918

Albert L. Cornog - Charles Ellis - John Golden
Hugh Boyle -
Howard Smith - James Clay - Charles Laib
Jefferson Kay - Edmund Pike - Robert Abbott
George M. Beringer - Meyers Baker

World War I Draft Card

World War II Draft Card



Camden Courier-Post
November 14, 1949





Albert L. Cornog - John W. Roloff - Edna Roloff
North 27th Street - Haddon Avenue - Kaighn Avenue - Morton Street