ALBERT C. JONES was born in New Jersey in December of 1859. He married his wife Emma in 1880. He first appear in Camden's City Directories in the 1883-1884 edition as a driver, living at 824 Walnut Street. He stayed at this address through 1885. The 1887-1888 and 1888-1889 Directories show Albert C. Jones living at 617 Line Street, and in the milk business.

By July of 1890 Albert C. Jones had moved to 605 Roberts Street. He was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on July 1, 1890 as Stoker with Engine Company 2, which was then quartered at Fire Headquarters at the northwest corner of North 5th and Arch Streets. In 1894 the personnel were as follows: Foreman Harry C. Grosscup; Engineer, William Morris; Driver, John P. Long; Stoker Albert Jones; hosemen George Wade, William Hertline, and David Andrews.

On March 1, 1900 Albert Jones was promoted to Foreman, the equivalent to today's rank of Captain and assigned to Hose and Chemical Company 2, which later was renamed Engine Company 11. His new assignment had him working at the new firehouse at North 27th Street and Federal Street in East Camden.

Albert Jones remained a member of the Camden Fire Department through at least 1910. He stayed at 605 Roberts Street through 1892. The 1893-1894 City Directory shows that he had moved to 541 Roberts Street. He appears at 540 South 6th Street in the 1896 edition and at 542 South 6th Street in Directories from 1897 through 1899.

When the census was taken in 1900, Albert C. Jones and family were residing at 604 Clinton Street. Albert and Emma Jones had three children, but only one was living, daughter Lizzie. Lizzie married Conrad Kauffman in 1907. Albert and Emma Jones, their daughter and son-in-law were living at 604 Clinton Street when the 1910 Census was enumerated.

By October 1 of 1912, Albert C. Jones was working as the Captain of Engine Company 5 at 1401 Federal Street. He was still serving in that capacity in January of 1914, He last worked on January 12, then resigned the following day. after sixteen years of service.

After Albert C. Jones left the Camden Fire Department he moved with his wife Emma to Tuckerton, New Jersey. They both were living there in January of 1920. Mr. and Mrs. Jones moved to Clementon, New Jersey where he passed away on February 19, 1924.

Philadelphia Inquirer
November 24, 1899

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Cooper B. Hatch - George W. Whyte - William Penn Hook & Ladder Company No. 1
First Baptist Church - Edgar Bolton - John W. Vanhart - W. Scott Franklin
Benjamin Kellum - Charles Robinson - George B. Wade - Albert Jones
George Cox - Edward Weston - Samuel Peoples - Harry B. Middleton
Harry Burroughs - Robert W. Colkett - William G. Hillman - James E. Navin
Charles Todd - Daniel Smith - Peter B. Carter - Alfred Hayden
Henry Elliott - Josiah Sage - Samuel Price - William Rose - Charles Sturgis
Daniel Grimes - Harry Wagner - Augustus Kester - William Simpson

Philadelphia Inquirer

November 28, 1899

Cooper B. Hatch - George W. Whyte
Edgar Bolton
- John W. Vanhart
W. Scott Franklin - Robert Gick
Joseph Till
Edward Kelly - Christian Stark
Samuel Collins - William Madison
John F. Renner - Josiah Pedigree
Charles Robinson - George B. Wade
Albert Jones - George Cox
Edward Weston - Samuel Peoples

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Philadelphia Inquirer * April 9, 1900

Albert Jones - Amedee Middleton - Benjamin L. Kellum 

Camden Daily Courier
January 13, 1914

Albert C. Jones
Charles H. Robinson
Engine Company 5
Ladder Company 2
Frank Chambers
Harvey Watts
Charles Worthington
David Simpson






Camden Daily Courier
February 20, 1924

Ionic Lodge No. 94, F.&A.M.
Improved Order of Red Men
Junior Order of American Mechanics