ABRAHAM J. STOW was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on April 8, 1876 as an extra man, taking the place of John Fallan with Engine Company 2. Abraham J. Stow worked as teamster driller prior to his appointment to the Fire Department, and stayed in that line of work after leaving. 

Abraham J. Stow served for one year. He was replaced in April of 1877 by Peter S. Gray.

Abraham J. Stow was born around 1852 in New Jersey to Abraham and Elizabeth Stow. When the Census was taken in 1860 his father was not living with the family. Elizabeth Stow and five children were living in Camden's Middle Ward. Besides Abraham, there were older siblings John, Margaret and Emma, and younger brother Thomas. 

Abraham Stow's father served in Company F, 27th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. He was in uniform from May 5, 1861 through May 25, 1864. He appears to have returned to Camden afterwards. He passed away and was buried at Evergreen Cemetery, prior the the publication of George Reeser Prowell's History of Camden County, New Jersey in 1886.

As stated above Abraham J. Stow was appointed to the Camden Fire Department in April of 1876. He was then living at 212 Arch Street and working as a teamster. When the 1878 City Directory was compiled he was working as a laborer and living at 212 Senate Street. The 1880 Census shows Abraham J.  Census living at 28 North 3rd Street with his mother, brother Thomas and sister-in-law Nellie. The 1882-1883 City Directory shows that Abraham Stow had moved to 326 Taylor Avenue, and that he was working as a teamster for William C. Scudder & Son. Abraham Stow does not appear in the 1883-1884 Directory, his mother is listed at 434 North 2nd Street and his brother John and Thomas were living at 420 Lawrence Street. Abraham J. Stow next appears in Camden's directories in the 1887-1888 edition. He was still working for William C. Scudder & Son as a teamster. Abraham J. Stow last appears in Camden's directories in the 1888-1889 edition. He was living at 217 North 10th Street when it was compiled with his mother and brother Thomas..

Abraham Stow does not appear in any further Camden Directories. His mother died in Delanco, New Jersey in 1896. Abraham Stow does not appear in the 1900 Census.