WILLIAM G. WINSTANLEY was born in 1924 to John and Sarah Winstanley, of at 228 Byron Street in the Poet's Row section of North Camden. His father, born in England, had come to the USA in 1895 and settled in North Camden. The family lived at 421 Erie Street when the Census was taken in 1900. John Winstanley worked in the nearby shipyards as a carpenter and as a caulker. The Thomas Dickinson family lived next door at 421 Erie. Son William Dickinson, born in December of 1891, grew up to operate a garage at the point of Market and Federal Streets for the better part of 50 years. 

The Winstanley family was living at 225 Burns Street  in the Poet's Row section when the 1910 Census was enumerated. The family then included children John Jr., Mary, Richard, Joseph and a newborn, Thomas Winstanley. John Winstanley left the shipyards for a short time, the 1914 City Directory listing him at 1000 Segal Street where he operated a variety store. This did not work out, and by September of 1918 both he and John Jr. were working as ship's carpenter and helper respectively, at the William Cramp and Son Dry Dock in Philadelphia. Still in Poet's Row, the family had moved to 228 Milton Street.around the corner... and virtually through the back yard, of the Burns Street house. The 1920 Census shows the family had added two daughters, Elizabeth and Lydia. The 1924 and 1927 City Directories shows the family at 228 Byron Street, still in Poet's Row

The 1929 City Directory lists John and Sarah Winstanley at 8 Church Street in East Camden, but by April of 1930 the family had returned to Burns Street, this time at 232 Burns. The Census of 1930 reveals that three more children, Florence, Anna, and William, had arrived. Thomas Winstanley, then the oldest child still at home, was working as a

painter in one of the nearby shipyards. On November 16, 1940 he was appointed to the Camden Fire Department, where he would served for over 30 years, retiring as a Captain on November 1, 1972.

After completing one year of high school, William G. Winstanley enlisted in the United States Army on August 5, 1943. Returning home after the end of World War II, William G. Winstanley went to work as a shipfitter at the Penn Jersey shipyard in North Camden. By the time the 1947 City Directory was compiled, his father had passed away. William G. Winstanley was still single, and living with his widowed mother and sister Florence at 831 North 6th Street in North Camden. 

William G. Winstanley joined his older brother as a member of the Camden Fire Department on February 1, 1951. He served for almost 36 years, also retiring as a Captain, on January 1, 1987.

William Winstanley lived his last years at the New Jersey Firemen's Home in Boonton, New Jersey, where he passed away on November 13, 2013.

At Engine Company 10 around 1960: 
Seated, from left: Fireman
James J. Cusick Sr., William Winstanley, Leon C. Pusczykowski, unkown
Standing: Unknown, Unknown,
Anthony Orme, Unknown, Unknown