THOMAS J. "TIM" SHANAHAN was born on January 1, 1891 to Lorenzo and Sarah Shanahan in Pennsylvania. By October of 1892 the family had moved to New Jersey. The Shanahans were living at 1194 Linden Street when the 1900 Census was taken. Lorenzo Shanahan was then working as a day laborer. By this time there were for Shanahan brothers, Thomas, the oldest, and younger brothers John, Richard, and Cornelius. The Shanahans were still at 1194 Linden Street when the 1906 City Directory was compiled. Lorenzo Shanahan passed away during the 1900s. Sarah Shanahan remarried in 1909. The 1910 Census shows her with her new husband, Charles Musser, and her four sons, at 133 North 111th Street. Thomas Shanahan was the working as an iron moulder in a foundry. By 1914 the family had moved to 208 North 11th Street, where they stayed through at least June of 1917. The family was living at 215 

Woodlawn Terrace in Collingswood, New Jersey when the census was taken in January of 1920. Thomas Shanahan then worked as a printer. The family moved back to Camden shortly after the census, and at some point in 1920 Thomas Shanahan was appointed to the Camden Fire Department and was assigned to Engine Company 6, at Front and Linden Streets. His stepfather, Charles Musser, had worked for the department as a houseman for a few months is 1918.

Charles Musser passed away on October 4, 1922. The family at that time resided at 804 Linden Street. John and Richard Shanahan were still living at that address as late as 1946. 

Thomas J. "Tim" Shanahan appears in the 1929 City Directory at 534 North 9th Street. By April of 1930 he had moved from that address. Fire Department records from 1931 show him living at 333 Point Street. 

Thomas J. "Tim" Shanahan was still a member of the Camden Fire Department in the spring of 1942. According to Selective Service records he and wife Anna had moved to Mount Ephraim, New Jersey. He used his brothers John and Richards address at 804 Linden to fulfill residency requirement. Thomas J. "Tim" Shanahan is not listed in the 1947 Camden City Directory.

Thomas J. "Tim" Shanahan would have had to retired from the Fire Department around 1950. The October 1956 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory shows him at 343 Beideman Avenue, in the Westfield Acres public housing project. Thomas J. "Tim" Shanahan is listed in the 1959 Telephone Directory at 2756 Federal Street.

Thomas J. "Tim" Shanahan passed away in May of 1963.

World War I Draft Card
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Engine Company 6
Photo Taken betweem anuary of 1920 and July of 1922

Standing: Unknown, Thomas "Tim" Shanahan, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown
Seated: Unknown,
James McDade, Thomas Nicholas, John Lutts, Unknown
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Engine Company 6 - 1920s
Photos Courtesy of Thomas J. Shanahan

Thomas "Tim" Shanahan Unknown Unknown, Unknown

Second-class Amoskeag steam fire engine, rebuilt by the Commercial Truck Co., with electric tractor. Seagrave combination hose and chemical; capacity, 1,000 feet of hose, with 250 feet of 3/4-inch chemical hose. Rebuilt by the Commercial Truck Co., with electric chassis.

The electric tractor engines were replaced beginning in the mid- 1920s. It appears that these three photos were taken on delivery day.

Standing: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown
Kneeling: Unknown,
Thomas "Tim" Shanahan
Standing: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Thomas "Tim" Shanahan, Unknown, Unknown

World War II Draft Card
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Engine Company 9 & Ladder Company 3
Engine Company 9 & Ladder Company 3 - circa 1946
John Mulligan passed away on July 28, 1947

E9 Tim Shanahan, Howard "Waxie" Harrington, Howard Gick, unknown, Newton Ash
Johnny Mulligan, Dave Humphries. Clarence Madden, Harry Allebach , unknown, Henry Zook