JOHN H. MOHRFELD JR. was born in Camden, New Jersey on November 11, 1891. He was living with his parents at 2914 Cramer Street in what is now East Camden as early as 1888. At the time of the Census the family consisted of parents John H. and Louisa Mohrfeld, and sons Harry, Christian, Charles, and John H. Mohrfeld Jr.

John Mohrfeld Jr. was a plasterer by trade. He first was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on December 16, 1920, and reported for duty on January 1, 1921. He served with Engine Company 1 at 409 Pine Street in South Camden for three months, resigning on March 31, 1921. John Mohrfeld went back to work as a plasterer, working for James Martin, who ran his business from his home on Highland Avenue in Pennsauken, New Jersey. John Mohrfeld was still working for Martin in April of 1930 when the census was taken. At that time the household consisted of John and Mabel Mohrfeld, children John H. III, Christian, Henry "Harry", Fred, Charles, and Robert; and his widowed father John H. Mohrfeld Sr.

John Mohrfeld Jr. was reappointed to the Fire Department on August 15, 1931. He served for 25 years before leaving on December 1, 1956, having reached the mandatory retirement age of 65. During this time with the Fire Department, John Mohrfeld served with Engine Company 7, Engine Company 8, Engine Company 9, Engine Company 11, Ladder Company 4, and Ladder Company 3, where he spent the last 12 years of his career.

John H. Mohrfeld Jr. died in 1960 and was buried at Arlington Cemetery in Pennsauken, New Jersey. He was survived by his wife Mabel, who joined him in 1988, and sons John H. Jr., Henry, Charles, and Robert.

The Mohrfeld family was still living at 2914 Cramer Street into the 1970s. John H. Mohrfeld III practiced law in Camden as late as 1977, including a spell as U.S. District attorney in the late 1950s and early 1960s. 

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