Camden Daily Courier - July 6, 1922

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Camden Evening Courier - July 13, 1926


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Camden Courier-Post - 1938
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Ex-convict, who yesterday admitted passing worthless checks here and in Collingswood and Bridgeton.

Camden Courier-Post * February 28, 1938

Phila. Bound Passenger Charged With Fraud Here and in 2 Towns

Arrested on a Philadelphia-bound bus Saturday night, William Epstein, 35, of 1021 Clinton street, Philadelphia, is being held by local police for passing worthless checks in Camden, Collingswood and Bridgeton.

Bridgeton police notified City Detective Gus Pfleiderer that Epstein boarded a bus for Philadelphia after giving a worthless check for $25 to Mrs. Martha Bowen, a storekeeper, of 80 Commerce street, Bridgeton. Pfleiderer met the bus at Broadway and Market street at 7.30 p. m. and arrested Epstein.

Later Epstein was identified by Miss Eleanor Jaeckel, florist, of 3702 Westfield Avenue, as a man for whom she cashed a worthless check for $16.50 on February 19. Nathan Bushman, 201 Broadway, told police Epstein gave him one for $13.50 last week. Collingswood police notified Pfleiderer that Epstein passed a bad check for $10 last week on Arnold Weiss, merchant, of 700 Haddon avenue, Collingswood.

City Detective Harry Kyler said Epstein has served three years in the Eastern Peniteniary, Philadelphia, for the same offense.

Pfleiderer said Epstein admitted passing bad checks here.

Camden Courier-Post * August 15, 1945


A youthful thief with a: penchant for women's silk undies is being sought by police for the robbery of a suite in the Helene Apartments, Third and Cooper Streets.

The youth was seen by other occupants of the apartment house going down the Third Street fire escape but they did not realize he was a robber until Mrs. Jesse Farrow arrived home to find the apartment ransacked.

She told City Detective Pflederer yesterday that the thief took a light cowhide suitcase in which he packed women's clothing, six pairs of new nylon stockings, three nightgowns and a pair of pajamas..

Camden Courier-Post - December 2, 1945
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Camden Courier-Post
January 9, 1950

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Camden Courier-Post
November 14, 1951

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Camden Courier-Post * April 5, 1952
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