The following is derived from
George Reeser Prowell's
History of Camden County, New Jersey
published in 1886

THE YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION next to the church, and therefore next to the heart and head of all religious work, has made great strides forward during the past quarter of a century. It was organized October 16, 1878, at the residence of Samuel B. French, corner of Cooper Street and Front, by George H. Davis, W. Howard Curtiss, Bartram L. Bonsall, Samuel B. French, Howard Carrow and I. S. Conover. Mr. Davis was chosen chairman, and Mr. Conover secretary. It was "Resolved, That we, members of the church of Christ, and believers in Him, organize ourselves into a Young Men's Christian Association, to be called The Young Men's Christian Association of Camden." W. H. Curtiss, B. L. Bonsall and Fitch Taylor were appointed a committee on organization. Another committee was appointed to visit the pastors of the city with the view of obtaining their cooperation. The next meeting was held in the lecture room of Tabernacle Baptist Church (now the hall of Wm. B. Hatch Post, G. A. R.), on the 24th of the same month. By-laws and a constitution were adopted, and the officers elected were, President, George H. Davis; Vice-President, W. H. Bancroft; Corresponding Secretary, W. Howard Curtiss; Recording Secretary, George H. Higbee ; Treasurer, Bartram L. Bonsall; Directors, Samuel B. French, Fitch Taylor, E. Dallas Stager, H. L. Titus and the officers. The association continued to meet in the Tabernacle until the 2d of December following, when the first meeting was held in the second story front room of the house at 318 Federal Street, and here the association remained during the year of 1879, growing in membership and influence, and carrying forward a good work at the Camden jail, at the rooms and at open-air meetings.

With the beginning of 1880 the association occupied the desired second and third floors of the hall now known as the Association Hall, at Third Street and Market. But, notwithstanding the limited quarters at 318 Federal Street, the older members still retain pleasant memories of the year spent there, and perhaps it would be entirely proper to claim that in no year of its history was the devotional work of the association conducted with greater enthusiasm. In 1881 Wilbur F. Rose was elected president, and he continued until January 1885, during which time the membership increased greatly, and W. H. Geistweit and William Getty successively filled the post of general secretary. John J. Robinson became general secretary afterward, and in the spring of 1886 George H. Barker, general secretary of the Bordentown Association, assumed the duties as general secretary of the Camden organization and has since done very effective work. Upon the retirement of Mr. Rose as president, at the close of the year 1884, Walter M. Patton was elected president, and is now the efficient head of the association. . The official minutes show the officers of the association, from its institution to this date, to have been as follows:

1878.—President, George H. Davis ; Vice-President, W..H. Bancroft, Corresponding Secretary, W. Howard Curtiss; Recording Secretary, George H. Higbee; Treasurer, Bartram L. Bonsall; Directors, Samuel B. French, Fitch Taylor, E. Dallas Stager and Harry L. Titus.

1879.—President, George H. Davis; Vice-President, William H. Bancroft; Corresponding Secretary, W. H. Curtiss; Recording Secretary, Jos. Alexander; Treasurer, B. L. Bonsall; Directors, Crowell S. Fewsmith, Fitch Taylor, J. Kelley Brown, Thomas S. Conover.

1880.—President, George H. Davis ; Vice-President, Robert P. Stewart; General Secretary, W. H. Curtiss; Recording Secretary, Dilwyn C. Cliver; Treasurer, B. L. Bonsall; Directors, James E. Leadley, Samuel R. Murray, J. Kelley Brown, C S. Fewsmith, S.H. Higbee, Westcott Campbell, Thomas S. Conover, S. G. Wallace, Carlton M. Williams, Charles H. Armstrong.

1881.—President, Wilbur F. Rose; Vice-President, Robert P. Stewart; General Secretary, W. H. Curtiss; Financial Secretary, Asa L. Curtis; Treasurer, B. L. Bonsall; Directors, George H. Davis, A. Ledden Iszard, C.M. Williams, C.A. Hotchkiss, J.E. Leadley, S.G. Wallace, E.M. Howard, M.D., G.H. Higbee, E. Shivers, E.H. Plummer.

1882.—President, Wilbur F. Rose; Vice-President, Robert P. Stewart; General Secretary, George H. Davis; Recording Secretary, Clifford W. Shinn; Treasurer, Bartram L. Bonsall; Directors, Harris Graffn, E.M. Howard, M.D., A.L. Iszard, Samuel Finney, S.G. Wallace, C.A. Hotchkiss, E.H. Plummer, Asa L. Curtis, G.H.  Higbee, Carlton M. Williams.

1883- President, Wilbur F. Rose; Vice-President, E.M. Howard, M.D.; General Secretary, W.S. Geistweit; Recording Secretary, Harris Graffen; Treasurer, George H. Higbee; Directors, J. Lynn Truscott, Harry Humphreys, Carlton M. Williams, C. A. Hotchkiss, S. Bryan Smith, Robert. P. Stewart, Samuel Finney, George H. Davis, F. W. Ayer.

1884.—President, Wilbur F. Rose; Vice-President, E. M. Howard, M.D.; Treasurer, G. H. Higbee; Recording Secretary, J. Lynn Truscott; Directors, E. H. Bryan, Samuel Russell, Carlton M. Williams, Walter M. Patton, Oscar C. Molan, E. E. Read, Jr., J. T. Harker, Harry Humphreys, E. A. Armstrong, Louis T. Derousse, Thomas H. Harris, E. R. Smiley, M.D.; George E. Taylor, David M. Chambers, J. L. Truscott.

1885.—President, Wilbur F. Rose; Vice-President, E. M. Howard, M.D.; Treasurer, Harry M. Anderson ; Directors, E. H. Bryan, Oscar C. Molan, E. M. Howard, Samuel Russell, Walter M. Patton, Harry Humphreys, Carlton M. Williams, George H. Higbee, R. P. Stewart, E. A. Armstrong, Bartram L. Bonsall, John T. Seymour, S. G. Wallace, E. H. Plummer, Charles Danenhower.

1886.—President, Walter M. Patton; Vice-President, E. M. Howard, M.D.; Recording Secretary, John F. Seymour; Treasurer, Harry M. Anderson; Directors, Carlton M. Williams, Oscar C. Molan, E. H. Bryan, E. A. Armstrong, S.G. Wallace, B.L. Bonsall, W.F. Rose, J.E. Roberts, Charles L. Reeves, Christian Schrack, A. E. Street.  

"The Ladies' Auxiliary of the Young Men's Christian Association," one of its noblest supports, was organized in the hall on the 15th of January, 1883, a preliminary meeting having been held on the 10th. At the second meeting the following officials were chosen for the year: President, Mrs. H. L. Hotchkiss; Vice-President, Mrs. Wilbur F. Rose; Treasurer, Mrs. Harris Graffen ; Secretary, L. W. Hurlbut.  The Auxiliary from that date steadily grew in power for good, and it is now a most effective agency for the promotion of the objects of the association..


Camden Daily Telegram * March 21, 1893


Camden Daily Telegram * February 28, 1896


Philadelphia Inquirer - March 1, 1896



Philadelphia Inquirer - January 2, 1897
Walter J. Stanton Sr. - Clement H. Haines - John Dangleman - George S. Dilmore 
John "Long John" Gallagher - Jenning's Sixth Regiment Band - Ivy Fife & Drum Corps
George S. Dilmore New Years Association - Fireside New Years Association
J.H. Trainer New Years Association -
Y.M.C.A. - North Camden
Federal Street - Broadway - Atlantic Avenue - North 6th Street - Elm Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 6, 1898


Y.M.C.A. - William J. Coxey - Camden Safe Deposit & Trust Company

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 11, 1903

Morgan's Hall - Rev. C.A. Janvier - Y.M.C.A.

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 22,1904

Herbert Henry Booth - Salvation Army

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 22, 1911

North Baptist Church - Rev. Homer J. Vosburg - Y.M.C.A.

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 28, 1911

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Camden Post-Telegram
January 25, 1915

Walter L. Tushigham - Y.M.C.A.

Philadelphia Inquirer
March 5, 1916

William A. Stecher
Frederick Finkeldey

Philadelphia Inquirer
February 9, 1917

Temple Building - Augustus Reeve
Robert Patterson Finley - N.F. Thompson
Joseph Kobus - Mary Walsh Kobus 
Walter Tushingham - A.W. Atkinson
Dr. Walter H. Smith - Miss Elizabeth Reed

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 23, 1917



Philadelphia Inquirer - July 27, 1917


Y.M.C.A. - C.C. Read - Rev. Charles I. Fitzgeorge
Union Methodist Episcopal Church

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 4, 1917

Arthur Colsey - James E. Tatem - Charles T. Humes
Edward S. Hyde - Thomas Cunningham - Elbridge B. McClong
Charles Whaland - Howard Smith - Ralph Bond - John Develin
Camden Day Nursery -
Camden Home for Friendless Children
West Jersey Orphanage - Mary J. Ball Nursery
West Jersey Hospital - Y.M.C.A. War Fund
S.P.C.C. - The Associated Charities

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 10, 1917

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Philadelphia Inquirer - May 17, 1918
Sixth Ward Republican Club - Max Praissman
Central Avenue - Y.M.C.A. - Jonas Davis - James Henry
Charles A. Wolverton - O. Glen Stackhouse

Philadelphia Inquirer
June 30, 1918

Grace Lutheran Church
Rev. C.P. Swank
Arthur E. Armitage
W.H. Fry
Cyrus D. Marter
Charles H. Wagner

Camden Courier-Post
October 20, 1928

Crawford M. Smith
Rev. M.F. Allen
Al Smith

Camden High School

Purple and Gold Yearbook Ad
January 1928

Camden Courier-Post
June 6, 1932

Camden Courier-Post - June 18, 1932

Hotel Walt Whitman - Mrs. Ruthe Bitter
Miss MArie E. Jordan - Miss Mildred Schreffler
Miss Alice M. Souder
Soroptimist Club

Camden Courier-Post * June 23, 1933

Consolidation of City and County Institutions Now Being Planned

Arthur E. Armitage, Collingswood's commissioner of public works, yesterday resigned as general secretary of the Camden Young Men's Christian Association. 

This was announced following a meeting of the "Y" board of directors. The resignation is due to be come effective September 15. That date will mark the twentieth year Armitage has served the Y. M. C. A. movement. Seventeen of these years have been with the local 

Fulfillment of an early ambition and a desire to devote his time to other interests, was expressed by Armitage as the basis for his resignation. 

Consolidation Planned 

At the board meeting, over which Wilfred W. Fry presided, a proposal was considered to consolidate the local "Y" with the Camden County Y. M. C. A. Armitage was named with Charles Wagner and E. W. Stedman as a committee of three to study the plan and confer with 
officials of the county unit. 

The retiring secretary first entered the young men's work as boys' physical director at the Orange Young Men's Christian Association, on September 15, 1913. He remained there two years and then took up similar duties with the Carney's Point. Y. M. C. A. when the movement was sponsored there by the duPont interests. On September 15, 1916 he became educational secretary of the Camden "Y" and later was appointed general secretary.

In tendering his resignation he remarked:

"My interest in the "Y" movement is just as keen as ever, but I feel since I have given 20 of my best years to the work and have fulfilled an early ambition that now I would like to devote time to other interests."

Founded Law School 

Armitage's other .interests include the South Jersey Law School, which he conceived in 1926 and advanced with the aid of Elmer G. Van Name, an attorney, and the College of South Jersey, which was developed in 1928, Both are housed in the same building 

He is president of the Spartan Building and Loan Association, past president of the Camden Rotary Club and in addition to his borough duties at Collingswood also is active in Masonic circles. 

In accepting his resignation the board elected Armitage to the directorate and chose LeRoy A. Goodwin, William Atkinson and S. B. Golf to draft resolutions commending the retiring secretary. 

Elmer E. Long, vice president, Francis B. Wallen and Millard Tay were selected to consider a candidate for Armitage's post.

Camden Courier-Post * October 29, 1935

World Fellowship Vespers Planned By Camden 'Y.W'

The Religious Education and World Fellowship Committee of the Camden Y. W. C. A. will meet in the association's headquarters, 565 Stevens street, tonight, to make program plans for the World Fellowship Vesper Service to be held at the Camden Central branch on Sunday, November 10. Similar services will be held in all parts of the world on this date.

Plans are also under way now for the next membership party scheduled for Friday, December 13. Members of the various Y. W. groups will participate at this time in a pre-Christmas program entitled, "The Hanging of the Greens." Volunteer Leaders' Institute

The Youth Leaders' Council, composed of representatives from organizations working with teen age boys and girls in Camden are sponsoring a Youth Leaders' Institute to be held in Room 416, fourth floor, New City Hall, this city on October 29, November 12, 26 and December 10.

Mrs. Marion F. McDowell, extension specialist in child training and parent education will conduct the the classes at which time it is planned to have a lecture period, followed by a general discussion of questions evolving from the lecture topic.

The lectures will include the following topics: "The Needs of Youth," "Is the Youth of Our Country in Danger Today?" "What Constitutes a Well Adjusted Personality?" "Guides of Youth," "Youth and the Community" and "Youth and Social Progress."

The lectures will all begin promptly at eight o'clock.

B. and P. Group Meets

Program plans for the coming year were mapped out at a meeting of the Business and Professional Women's Department Committee in the Y. W. last night. Mrs. J. Frederick Harned, Jr., chairman, was in the chair for the business session..

Camden Courier-Post * February 11, 1936

Camden Courier-Post
February 11, 1936


Camden Courier-Post - February 12, 1938

McGrath Meets Schultz and Finn Encounters Waldner Today

The handball tournament of the Camden Y. M. C. A. will near a conclusion this afternoon, when two matches are scheduled to be played.

Bill "Fergie" McGrath and Bill Schultz, both Camden policemen, meet in the final game of the winners' bracket, at 1 o'clock, while Frank Finn and John Waldner meet in the final game of the losers' bracket just as soon as McGrath and Schultz finish their match.

The winners of the two matches will clash for the championship in 'the near future. The court at the "Y" has been completely renovated, new walls having been erected and a new floor laid.

Camden Courier-Post - February 14, 1938

The regional conference of Girl Reserve Clubs of the Y. W. C. A. is to be held in Wilmington on March 26. The Camden Girl Reserves serving on the planning committee are Catherine Carson of Camden Tri Hi, and Marie Fiume, president of the newly former "Bona Fide" club. Miss Kathryn Fisher is the adviser of the new group.

The all-department supper of the Business and Industrial clubs will be in the nature of a George Washington party tomorrow evening at 6.30 o'clock. The M.B.T. club is in charge of the menu; the Semper Fidelis club of the decorations, and the Kim club of the entertainment..

Camden Courier-Post - February 15, 1938

Open House With Dancing to Follow Exercises at Central Branch

The Camden Y. M. C. A. will dedicate a new gymnasium floor tomorrow in its Central Branch, 614 Federal street, replacing one that served for 30 years.

Charles H. Wagner, president of the association, will conduct a meeting in the building at 5 p. m. at which dedicatory resolutions will be adopted. Following there will be "open house" for the public, a program of sports on the new floor and dancing.

The executive committee of the board of directors will present the dedicatory resolutions. Members are Wagner, Elmer E. Long, Alonzo W. Stedman, William H. Atkinson and A. Millard Taylor.

At a date to be announced later there is to be a dedication dinner at which there will be a speaker of national reputation.

The sports program, arranged by Kenneth E. Smullin, "Y" director of physical education, will include two basketball games, a handball match, to determine the champion of the "Y," a badminton exhibition match, a gymnastic exhibition by members of the boys' gym classes, and a table tennis exhibition.

The first basketball game to be played on the new floor will be between the Limited Senior team of the Y. M. C. A. and the Camden Catholic High School quintet. The other contest will be between the "Y" variety team and one made up of high school coaches in Camden and nearby communities.

Music for the dance following the sports program will be furnished by the Nelson-Rainey Orchestra.

Camden Courier-Post - February 16, 1938

Y. M. C. A. Official

Roger Becomes Executive Secretary With Headquarters in Haddonfield

William A. Rogers has been appointed executive secretary of the Camden County Y. M. C. A., with headquarters in Haddonfield, it is announced by the county committee.

Rogers formerly served as membership and social secretary of the Camden city association under Arthur E. Armitage, now Mayor of Collingswood. Although for some years inactive as a Y. M. C. A. officer, he continued to serve as director of the Underprivileged Boys Club, with Frank Buckman, of Oaklyn.

W. Maynard Brown, of the county committee, also announced a general appeal for funds will be made in March. Separate efforts will be promoted in Merchantville, Haddon Heights, Haddonfield and Collingswood.

Hermann A. Lum, of Haddonfield, will be general chairman of the Haddonfield campaign from February 28 


to March 8 in an effort to raise $3500 of the $8000 county budget. One hundred business and professional men of Haddonfield will participate in the drive, Brown said.

An invitation to visit county headquarters at 35 Grove street has been issued to residents of the county by the Haddonfield committee, consisting of Lum, Joseph A. Tatem, Commissioner Alfred E. Driscoll, Robert Wright, Dr. Everett Preston, Richard L. Jones, H.S. Pennypacker, Brown, Frank Swigert, and Raymond Armstrong.

Camden Courier-Post * February 17, 1938
Survey Planned To Determine Need For Increased Play Sites
Recreation Commission Sponsors Move in City-Wide Plan for Curb on Juvenile Delinquency; Y.M.C.A. Aide Outlines Athletic Program

A committee has been appointed to conduct a survey among underprivileged boys on the need for added recreation centers to curb juvenile delinquency by the Camden Recreation Commission.

The survey would be conducted by the committee, in conjunction with the local National Youth Administration.

Samuel E. Fulton, commission president, named C. Robert Perina, Samuel Brest and Jack Vadurro to the committee.

The commission also approved a plan to join in sponsoring an enlarged boy's club activity in the local Y.M.C.A.

William E. Lovett, director of boys work of the local "Y," outlined a plan to enlarge the basement of the Y.M.C.A. building to accommodate the members of boys groups throughout the city.

Lovett said the basement will be furnished with boxing and wrestling rings, a library, quoit, tennis and handball courts, marble rings and other paraphernalia.

Former Assemblyman Harry Roye and Herman Hensgen were named to co-operate with Lovett.

Students at Philadelphia medical schools will be urged to aid at commission- operated playgrounds in the Spring and Summer.

The Camden County Medical Association will be asked to co-operate in the plan to have all children using play sites examined for health defects.

Playgrounds operated by the city of Philadelphia and by other agencies are given the services of senior medical students, Fulton reported.

Gervas H. Stratton, representing the Fourteenth Ward Civic Association, 
reported his organization will select four recreation sites in Fairview to be operated under supervision of the commission and the NYA.

Stratton said the Fairview organization plans contests for better care of lawns and a flower growing contest for boys and girls. The commission approved both plans and pledged its support.

Mrs. Rocco Palese reported on the doll dressing and dressmaking contest. The three first prize winners were given a two day trip to New York City, Mrs. Palese said.

The commission thanked Mrs. Palese and members of the committee, P.T.A. groups, women's organizations, the Courier-Post Newspapers, the NYA and others who aided in me contest..

Camden Courier-Post - February 25, 1938
$27,500 Goal Set for Funds to Support Non-Revenue Activities

Industrial, commercial and professional leaders in Camden organized yesterday as a special gifts committee for the 1938 campaign of the Camden Y. M. C. A. for maintenance funds. The committee met at luncheon in the Central Branch building of the "Y," 614 Federal Street

The campaign will extend from March 20 to 29, with a goal of $27,500 to cover non-revenue activities of the "Y" which are of benefit to the community. 

As in previous campaigns it is the work of the special gifts committee to' raise half of the fund from firms and individuals rated in the higher brackets of contributors. 

Mayor Arthur E. Armitage, of Collingswood, is committee chairman. Other members are Charles H. Wagner, vice president of Eavenson & Levering Company; A. W. Steadman, president of the Standard Tank & Seat Company; Walter L. Tushingham, vice-president and business manager of the Courier-Post; Warren Webster, Jr., vice president of Warren Webster & Co.; Elmer E. Long, president of the American National Bank; Howard B. Hemphill, Broadway merchant; William H. Atkinson, controller of the Hurley Store, and Wayland A. Fry, advertising executive. 

Wagner, who led the campaign last year, is again general chairman. 

Division managers and captains of the teams in the campaign are to be announced later. 

Camden Courier-Post - February 28, 1938
Mrs. Bean Names Committees Heads For 'Y' Activities

Mrs. Albert M. Bean, president of the board of directors of the Camden Young Women's Christian Association has named the chairmen of standing committees for this year. Mrs. Lester Dickinsheets will direct activities of Girl Reserves; Mrs. Arthur J. Casselman, health education; Mrs. Frank Tunstall, membership; Mrs. Alford Naus, world fellowship; Mrs. A. Haines Lippincott, public affairs; Miss Helen M. Eastlack, race relations; Mrs. Joseph Leaming, building and maintenance; Mrs. D. Trueman Stackhouse, personnel; Mrs. Joseph Walton, education; Mrs. John Kerrigan, business and industrial; Mrs. Wm. Tipper, finance; Miss Ruth Danford, publicity; Mrs. Charles Chase, social service; Mrs. Oswald Carlander, volunteer personnel; Mrs. C. T. Branch, committee of management Frances Harper Branch.

Joseph Sickler postmaster at Salem, will be the speaker at the "Fireside Group" on Friday, March 4, at 8 p. m. "Old Homes of Salem County," is one of the books authored by Mr. Sickler, who is well versed on the historic points of interest in South Jersey. The public is cordially invited to attend.

The health education department will hold its monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 1 at Central Association, with Mrs. Arthur J. Casselman presiding. Plans will be formulated for the annual health education dinner to be held in April..

Camden Courier-Post
July 22, 1941

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