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Congregation Beth El, Camden's first Conservative synagogue, built and occupied a wonderful synagogue and school building on Park Boulevard, opposite Farnham Park, in the 1920s which it occupied until 1968, when the new building on Chapel Avenue in Cherry Hill was occupied.

In March of 2006 I received a package of information from Rabbi David Herman, the son of Cantor Louis Herman, whose voice for many years inspired the faithful at prayer, and Mrs. Yetta Herman, who was involved for many years in Jewish education at Beth El. Besides David's own story of people and events at Beth El and in Parkside, there were copies of the 80-plus pages of Beth El's history through 1970. He also furnished me with two lists of names, from around 1971 or so, one being the names of members of the Beth El Sisterhood, and the on on this page, of all the children and teenagers who were members of the congregation at that time. Even though by that time Beth El had left Camden, many of the names on these lists had and have ties to Camden.

What struck me is that I'm on that list, along with my brother Mark and sister Hilary, and that so many boys and girls I went to school and socialized with are on it. I thought it would be fun to put both lists on the web site, just to see who find it. 

With that in mind, if you find yourself on this page, e-mail me!

Phil Cohen
March 2006

In August of 2006 I received the news that the synagogue on Chapel Avenue in Cherry Hill was sold and will be coming down to make way for condominiums. Who would have thought in 1968 that the new building would be gone in less time than the old Beth El? I guess that's the nature of things.

I also received a happier letter, from Beverly Dezenhall Hersh, asking me if I was adding to the list of Beth El's children. I thought to myself that there will be 36-odd years worth of Beth El children who will remember the Cherry Hill building as fondly as I remember the Camden one.... they deserve a list of their own. With that in mind, you will find below a new list, which I invite one and all to add to, of children who first came to Beth El from 1970 through today. It will be interesting, as I am sure that there are some families that have been affiliated with Beth El since the synagogue's founding in the 1920s.

Phil Cohen
March 2006

The Children of Beth El - 1969

A to L

Ellen F. M. Aaronson

Mira S. M. Aaronson

Judith A. M. Aaronson

Harry A. M. Aaronson

David Adleman

Dayle Adleman

Alan Adleman

Seth Adleman

Marc Ira Backal

Jeffery Scott Backal

David Craig Backal

Paul Stuart Bachow

Terry Brad Bachow

Hope Ann Bachow

Larry Barr

Jamie Barr

Andrew Barroway

Kenneth Barroway

Sharon Beller

Edward Beller

Stefanie Lyn Berg

Jonathan Ira Berg

Laurence Martin Berg

Wendy Sue Berman

Jeffery Alan Berzon

David Wayne Berzon

Steven Roy Berzon

Amy Susan Berzon

Richard Allan Bitman

Garry Neil Bitman

Jeffrey Lee Bitman

Julie Bleznak

Philip Bleznak

Joleyn Block

Brian Block

Keven Block

Lois Renee Blum

Allison Rachel Brandt

Andrew Victor Brandt

Robyn Lynne Brown

Bruce S. Buckman

Donna A. Buckman

Sherly Burg

Jackie Cetron

Marty Cetron

Cindy Chucas

Jon Chucas

Eric Clayman .

Scott Clayman

Raymond Cogen

Jack David Cogen

Scott Cohen

David Cohen

Michael Cohen

Philip Michael Cohen

Mark Stuart Cohen

Hilary Eileen Cohen

Steven Jay Colbert

Penny Robin Colbert

Janice Adina Colton

Gary Scott Colton

Jerrold Douglas Colton

Laurence Jay Colton

Beverly Jo Cooper

Felisa Jaime Cooper

Michael Jonathan Cooper

Judee Lynn Cooper

Gale Delfiner

Barton Delfiner

Sharon Delfiner

Andrea Sue Dolin

Michael Bruce Dolin

Howard Murray Dubner

Andrea Dubner

Richard Ellis

Murray Ellis

Cindy Ellis

Ira Epstein

Philip Epstein

Michelle Ercolani

Sherri Feldscher

Bryan Feldscher

Neil Feldscher

Susan S. Fiering

Steven N. Fiering

Andrew Jay Flicker

Robin Sue Flicker

Philip Frankenberg

Susan Frankenberg

Benjamin Saul Friedman

Rachel Leah Friedman

Howard Friedman

Stuart Friedman

Esther R. Furman

Phyllis M. Furman

Harvey Louis Gayer

Philip Alan Ginsberg

Donald Evan Ginsberg

Marc Glass

Michael Glass

Marcy Glickman

Michael Glickman

Shelly Glickman

Lee Glickman

Audrey Gold

Leonard Gold

Jeffrey Gold

Stuart Frederic Goldberg

Scott Mitchell Goldberg

Linda Beth Goldberg

Suzi Beth Goldberg

Jay Neal Goldberg

Brian Goldberg

Renee Goldberg

Marc Steven Golden

Lisa Golden

David Morton Goldfield

Barbara Anne Goldfield

David F. Goldman

Matthew M. Goldman

Howard Jon Goldman

Beth Maxine Goldman

Jeffrey Gordon

Ivan Gordon

Pamela Greenberg

Peter Greenberg

Howard Aaron Gross

Adam Nathan Gross

Harry David Grossman

Deena Faith Grossman

Tracy Suzanne Grossman

Colby Heather Grossman

Mark P. Haltzman

Marti E. Haltzman

Melissa K. Hecsh

David E. Herman

Andrew Mark Hermann

Stephen Jeffery Hermann

Rhonda Joy Horwitz

Eric Lee Horwitz

Cindee Joy Ivker

Robert Alan Ivker

Gary Kaplan

Jeffrey Kaplan

Marsha Ann Kaplan

Neil S. Kaplan

Jeff Kardon

Ricky Kardon

Julie Kardon

Barbara Kase

Kingdon Kase

Amy June Katz

Marla Jan Katz

Michael Neil Katz

Natalie Katz

Tina Katz

Mike Kauffman

Lori Sue Kauffman

Larry Kerr

Shelli Kerr

Cindy Kerr

Stuart Kerr

Bruce William Kletz,

Michael Robert Kletz

Caren Ilene Kletz

Steven Frank Kletz

Jonathan Mark Kletz

Steven Kominsky

Dale Kominsky

Scott Lemmerman

Gail Lemmerman

Jennifer Caren Lepow

Susan Debra Lepow

Stacy Beth Levenson

Paul Levi

Nicola F. Levy

Roberta Ellen Love

Susan Gail Love

Sylvia Beth Love

Linda A. Lowengrub

Jeffrey A. Lowengrub

Craig L. Ludin

Eric E. Ludin

Pamela Sue Ludin

M to Z

Eric Brian Maister

James Matthew Maister

Lawrence Seth Maister

Mitchell Frederick Matez

Andrea Faith Matez

Bruce Perry Matez

Cheryl Mazis

Marc Mazis

Jeffrey Melrose

Nancy Melrose

Allan Stewart Meltzer

Marc Milask

Jay Howard Miller

Ann Elisa Miller

Marc Millstein

Lisa Millstein

Sheldon Millstein

Craig Robert Mitnick

Scott Eric Mitnick

Neil Moldoff

Alan Moldoff

Barbara Moldoff

L******* M*******

Drew Adam Molotsky

Gregg Jeremy Molotsky

Brad A. Molotsky

Lee S. Molotsky

Steven J. Moskowitz

Berton Carey Moskowitz

David Necky

Colin Necky

Benjie Neel

Bradley Neel

Victor Neel

David Neel

Bonnie Niederman

Bruce Niederman

Harold Niederman

Sherri Nurock

Debra Nurock

Marcus Abraham Osborne

Paul David Osborne

Marcy Ann Ostroff

Paula Sue Ostroff

Ellen Lee Ostroff

Michael Stephen Paul

Russel David Paul

Daniel Warren Paul

Steven Pinsky

Lisa Pinsky

Marc Pinsky

Lynne Monique Puschett

Mitchell Ivan Puschett

Matthew David Rabkin

Jonathan Rabkin

Shellee Rednick

Larry Rednick

Michael Neal Reiter

Heidi Dana Reiter

Betsy Rae Robbins

Cheryl Sue Robbins

Leon H. Rose

Adam David Rose

Steve Rosen

Jerry Rosen

Howard Rosen

Cheryl Lynne Rosen

Audrey Kip Rosen

Paula Cheryl Rosenfeld

Alyssa Jill Rosengard

Stewart H. Rosenzweig

Dorie Lynn Rubinstein

Robert Rubinstein

Gayle Michele Ruby

Dale Lance Ruby

Mark Binder Ruby

Jacalyn Rudoler

Ronnie Rudoler

Steve Salpoff

Kevin Saluck

Ronald J. Sanders

Lori E. Sanders

Mindy Ellen Savar

Jonathan Scott Savar

Stuart Schock

Ronald Schoeffler

Steven Schoeffler

Jeffrey Dorman Schor

Debra Robin Schor

Irving Arnold Schor

Robert Daniel Schor

Beth G. Schuldiner

Lori H. Schuldiner

Marcie L. Schuldiner

Jeffrey Schwartz

Craig Schwartz

Ricky Schwartz

Brad Schwartz

Marc Schwartz

Jeffrey Schwartz

Philip Schwartz

Susan Schwartz

Eric Schwartz

Steven Eric Schwartzberg

Michael Craig Schwartzberg

Scott Alan Schwartzberg

Richard Shapiro

Marci Shapiro

Alisa Shapiro

Renne Ava Shreibman

Lois Nan Shreibman

Nancy Shulman

Judith Marie Shuster

Gail Barbara Shuster

Toby Fae Shuster

Perry M. Silver

Barbara J. Silverman

David A. Silverman

William Mark Silverman

Charles Jay Silverman

David Marc Simon

Michael Scott Simon

Lisa Beth Simon Stuart

Adam Simon

Eve Lynne Simmons

Shari Simmons

Rod Evan Simmons

Abbe Caryn Simmons

Gary Sklar

Loren Sklar

Dana Sklar

Brett Sklar

Sharon Lynn Smith

Richard Samuel Smith

Bruce Snyder

William Snyder

Gerrie Carol Some

Howard Benjamin Some

Aaron Stern

Sharon Stern

Mark Susser

Evan Susser

Craig Susser

Andrew Craig Sussman

Eric Todd Sussman

Lisa Ann Tacknoff

Tracey Lee Tacknoff

Mark Tanker

Joanne Tanker

Scott Tanker

Richard Tanker

Steven Traum

Debbie Traum

Charles Eric Trobman

Robin Wasseriauf

Perry Wasserlauf

Maxine Wechsler

Bruce Wechsler

Judith Wechsler

Ira Wechsler

David Weiner

Alyssa Weiner

Marissa Jo Weinstein

Jonathan Rolfe Weinstein

Benjamin Evan Weinstein

Andrew Scott Weiss 

James Steven Weiss

Michael Abraham Winigrad

David Joseph Winigrad

Jacob Solomon Winigrad

Daniel Jonathan Winigrad

Joel Robert Yaffa

Stuart David Yaffa 

Michele Renee Yaffa

Maralyn Zitomer

Mitchell Zitomer

Steven Zitomer

Jack Zoblin

Andrew Michael Zoblin

Helene Beth Zoblin

The Children of Beth El - 1970-2006

Hilary Eileen Cohen  Susan Cory Dezenhall Seth Jonathan Hersh
Eric Dezenhall Lee Andrew Hersh  Todd Kenneth Hersh
Larry Sragow

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