HOLY WEEK - 1932

I found an interesting article describing activities in several Camden churches during the Easter season of 1932. Becasue there were many names mentioned, I thought I would post it. If you find a relative or friend named here, please e-mail me, and as always... have fun!

Phil Cohen
February 27, 2006

Camden Courier-Post - March 19, 1932

Religious Dramas, Cantatas, and Special Services Open Holy Week in Churches Here
Choirs and Children's Classes Wind Up Rehearsals

Opening of Holy Week tomorrow in Camden churches will bring special sermons, distribution or palms, musical programs, religious dramas and cantatas.

Special programs have been arranged for Sunday school, children. Choirs have been rehearsing special songs, and pastors have been busy arranging the Holy Week services.

The choir of Centenary Tabernacle M. E. Church, Fifth and Cooper streets, will sing three anthems at morning service. Howard S. Tussey, organist, will begin a 15-minute recital at 7:15 p. m. Three numbers will be presented by the choir in the evening. Soloists will be Laura Tyler Stone, soprano, and Leila Steele Conly, contralto. Special pictures will be shown at the junior church service at 1:00 a. m.

An unusual program of music will be presented by the choir of First M. E. Church, Sixth and Stevens streets.

Palms will be presented to every person attending the morning service of Asbury M. E. Church, Westfield Avenue and Church Street, and there will be a pageant and exercises by the junior choir at the evening services.

Choir in Cantata

The robed choir of North Baptist Church, Fourth and Linden streets, will present Mathew's cantata, "The Triumph of the Cross," under the direction of Forrest Newmeyer, at 7:30 p. m. More than 40 members of the choir will participate. The church quartet will take special parts. Members of the quartet are Winifred Langley, soprano; Edith Sedgley, contralto; Stephen Puff, tenor, and John C. Mather, bass.

Rev. A. M. Galloppi, pastor of the First Italian Baptist Church and Christian Center, Third and Line streets, will preach on "The Day of the Palms." in English, at 11:00 a. m. A special Italian service is scheduled for 8:00 p. m. 

Palm Sunday confirmation will be held at the German Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Church, Stevens street, between Broadway and Fifth streets, where Rev. Thilo M. Gorr is pastor. The service will begin at 10:00 a. m. Those to be confirmed are Ruth Hehl, Harie Hensgen, Elinor Leisling, Norma Otis, Virginia Ports, Freda Renne, Freda Schmidt and Mary Schwab. There will be a reunion of members confirmed on previous Palm Sundays, at the evening Services. The Luther League will attend in body.

The junior choir of Tabernacle Baptist Church, Broadway below Spruce street, will present a cantata, "The Disciple," at 7:30 p. m.

The session of the Fourth Presbyterian Church, Atlantic Avenue and Louis Street, will meet at 10:15 a. m. to receive members into the church. Holy communion will be administered at the morning service, and both choirs will sing. Members of the T. N. T. will have charge of the, evening services, presenting a pageant, "The Unshadowed Cross." Mrs. Ellen Hilbmann will have charge of the program. Mrs. Carl Myers will lead the singing and Mrs. Dorothy Severance will be at the organ. William J. Williams will have charge of the devotional meeting at 7:00 p. m.

Special Music

Special musical numbers will be presented by the Junior and senior choirs of Woodland Avenue Presbyterian Church, Eighth street and Woodland avenue, tomorrow morning. There will be an organ recital at 7:30 p. m.

Members of the Doctrine and Salvation class of St.Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church. Thirty-sixth Street above Federal, will be confirmed tomorrow morning. They are Grace L. Bibighaus, Annie G. Bowers. Ida L. Craythorn, Pearl M. Dawson, John E. Dayton, Charles W. Fensch, George A. Kraemer, Arthur A. Lick, Marie Loeffler, Karl R. Myhre, Marie K. Orr, Alma M. Schuck, Conrad H. Simensen, Robert W. Thorne, Violet J. Watson, Catherine A. Wolf and Robert L. Wonstetler.

Members of the church who are students of Bible institutes will participate in the evening service. The. general theme will be "Vital Questions on Salvation and the Christian Life." Those taking part will be William G. Miller, George Smith, David Christensen, Horace S. M. Aldridge, Shepard Joslin, Samuel Hill, Ernest G. Strang, William H. Evans, Florence Kite, Mrs. Laura Aldridge, Violet M. Humes, Mary Doole, Murl H. Hill and Alice A. Ridgway. The theme will be introduced by the pastor, Rev. Charles G. Bauer. John H. Carter, of Collingswood, will sing a solo, and Miss Lucy A. Viehweg will sing at the morning service. The Bible school session will be held at 2:00 p. m.

Classes to Be Confirmed

A class of 18 will be confirmed at 11 a. m. in Epiphany Lutheran Church, Seventh and Market streets. Members of the class are Doris M. Barrett, Dorothy M. Blankenhorn, Matilda S. Blankenhorn, Naomi E. Brown, Florence E. Moon, Anna E. Remmers, Gertrude M. Schultz, Anna K. Schultz, Evelyn M. Souder, Dorothy S. Stites, John W. Brimmer, Max H. Helmrich, Edward L. Lemmerman, Fred J. Lightfoot, J. Oswald Kartlai, Clarence E. Kaufman, Leon E. Williams and Robert O. Zoll.

 Confirmation in German and English is scheduled for 10 a. m. at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Twenty-sixth Street and Hayes avenue. There will be confessional service in English at 7 p. m., followed at 7.30 p. m. by Lenten service, reunion of former confirmation classes and Holy Communion in English. Members of the confirmation class are Margaret B. Schirmer, Mary E. Lang, Willetta Le Rose Dodderer, Edna M. Hoffman, Frieda J. Stutz, Gertrude A. Schoenfeld, Alfreda E. Cramer, Helen L. Koch, Erica J. H. Koehler and Elsie P. Knorr.

Six girls and four boys will be confirmed at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Kenwood and Kaighn avenues, at 11 a. m. They are Anna Clifton, Dorothy Lepson, Edna Liss, Viola Murphy, Anna Maier, Margaret Remus, Milton Deputy and John Morrell. Rev. C. M. Hansen, pastor, will preach at the evening service, the final of a series of sermons on "Finding the Gate to Life.".  

Camden Courier-Post - March 19, 1932

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