North 36th Street & Hayes Avenue

HOPE MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH in Cramer Hill succeeded the Alpha Community Baptist Church at 936 North 34th Street sometime after 1947. Alpha Community Baptist Church started out as a satellite of the Bethany Baptist Church which was located at North 27th Street and Hayes Avenue. By 1924 Bethany Baptist had established the Bethany Chapel at 3318 River Road. The Chapel is shown in the 1927 Camden City Directory. The 1929 Directory does not list the chapel, but the new Alpha Community Baptist Congregation is shown, indicating that it was most likely founded late in 1927 or in 1928. 

At some point after February of 1959 and prior to 1970 Alpha Community Baptist was reorganized and renamed Hope Memorial Baptist Church. Hope Memorial Baptist is  listed in the October 1970 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory.

Around 2000 the church sold its property but but retained the right to hold services in the building. As of January 2008 three congregations are now using the facilities on a shared basis each with a unique faith tradition.

Current Pastor Rev. Kent Walmsley has been deeply involved in ministry within the City of Camden prior to his retirement and continues to have a heart for those living in the city. Hope still remains high on their minds as they share Christ to all who come to the church.

Hope Memorial Baptist Church continues to host a summer time program for youth at the church even though at the present time they do not have a regular Sunday school program. They also minister to a small number of Haitian Christians that were part of a new church development congregation that used their building. 

May 1971 Fundraising Letter
asking donations to support
the Church Building Fund.

This letter was sent by
Mary Francis Bushey, Financial Secretary

Courtesy of Gail Nasuti Burke 

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